It is BACK!! After a 15 year forced labor camp in Asia

2015-08-12 16.21.34

Tasting mugs…:)

I.W.Harper production runs are swept off to Japan, China and points East yearly.  In fact they stopped selling IW in the USA in the 80’s. It has not been on retail store shelves in Texas for 20 years, according to the store clerk.

This Bourbon is a much lighter color, light nose, mild flavour profile, oak, a touch of spice and no caramel, finally a little after bite. This is a true Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. This contrasts with my go to favourite at the moment the also hard and ‘rare’ Eagle Rare. A more full bodied adventure with more caramel more bite and a decadent aroma.


These guys were so good, they even grew during prohibition as one of three distilleries allowed to make for medicinal purposes!


Today is a good day.

The Autumn and Winter will be awesome with these two bad boys.


One thought on “It is BACK!! After a 15 year forced labor camp in Asia

  1. As resident of two countries who both lay claim to inventing whiskey/whisky, I will smile mildly at this and go and have a Laphroaig.

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