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From Adam Starkweather!

The Situation:

OK, folks, here we go…here is the game after setup but before anything has happened. Oh, one thing here, Niko is getting to the production counters but still has a fair number left to do…here, we have the German 716th Infantry division still in its playtesting guise. If you see a strongpoint, that means that the Unit we need is missing…and some units have changed in value. But I’ll let you know what it is…


[First we watched the landings and scatter]

Now each scenario has primary/secondary/tertiary task for you perform and they are often (but not always), zero-sum with the German conditions. You get 15 points if you achieve your primary, 10 points for your secondary, and 6 points for your tertiary. The Germans have the same.

Here your primary is to control Pegasus and Horsa Bridges (red circle) at the end of the scenario, your secondary is to “take and hold” Merville Battery (yellow circle) at the end of the scenario, and your tertiary is to destroy all 5 bridges along the Dive (green circles).

My suggested moves:

GTC_facebookclick to enlarge.

The next step is to set up your Rally Points for your Para battalions. This is where you told your troops to gather before the drop if they were lost and will be important to your rebuilding your force.

We’ll do that next and I’ll help you out.


I’ve marked your VPs conditions and your battalions on the map.

So talk among yourselves and see what you want to do as a strategy…any questions, of course, just ask away…

I’m always interested to see how other players approach a game…come up with a strategy to pursue, just jump right in – or what. Take your time and let’s have some fun!

The scenario last one full day till the end of the next night turn.

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