In Da House!

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I have a digital copy of this and a Sun Tzu module but not the game. I picked this up in the 280 member strong Pay it Forward Facebook group. UP, excellent box, no dishing. Great art.

Trivia Question:

Anyone know what the box lid says in Mandarin pin yin/Cantonese?2015-04-03 14.43.40

2 thoughts on “In Da House!

  1. Re: Your Trivia Question: I got “The East is Red” as part of my S&T subscription in the mid-1970’s. When it arrived, I naturally opened the envelope and took it out. My Mom saw it and read the three Chinese characters on the cover and asked what it was all about. It reads literally, “East Direction Red.”

  2. I believe it says “Dong fang hong”, meaning “East is Red”. That is the Mandarin pin yin. Don’t know what the Cantonese pin yin would be but the meaning is still “East is Red”

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