In Da House!!


I have been seeking these two XMAS cards from The Gamers for while. I had one with just the OCS counters, and not the TCS counters and the other with OCS and not TCS… very confusing. Well now I am all set.Xmas counters from a follower for our TCS game


What else did the January sunshine bring today>?

oh no big deal... just GULF strike with the Desert STORM EXPANSION... UP mothers.

oh no big deal… just GULF strike with the Desert STORM EXPANSION… UP mothers.

BAMMMM!! I think I got a pretty sweet deal for the two of these. Right Chuck…?

oh and its sister/

oh and its UP sister~ Did you know you could link these?

Of course at the top hiding every so gracefully:  Le Retour…..The Waterloo campaign. My last great hope for a Grand Tactical system! Wish me luck. It is a beautiful package of goodies. More once I have a read of the rules in a bit more detail. Should be a BLAST!!!

I have some ideas for this and the Le Vol de l Aigle for this year.

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  1. Aegean Strike is one of the most intense games I have ever played in fifty years of wargaming!

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