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A big update for Hollandspiele games:

We are now taking orders for our ninth box of gaming goodness, Ukrainian Crisis & The Little War ($45 MSRP), which collects two innovative designs from everyone’s favorite Canadian, Brian Train. Ukrainian Crisis is a pol-mil game on Russia’s recent intervention in the Ukraine. Originally released as a print-and-play game on Mr. Train’s site, it’s proved to be one of his most popular designs. Hollandspiele is pleased to be bringing it to a wider audience in a sumptuous new edition with a slick map by Tim Allen and our trademark super-thick counters.

Its set-mate is a shorter, smaller game, The Little War, about the seven-day border conflict between Hungary and Slovakia in 1939. It is one of Mr. Train’s most unusual and idiosyncratic designs, using an ordinary deck of playing cards to drive military operations. The map for this little beauty was created by Jose R. Faura.

Our very first release was Brian Train’s The Scheldt Campaign, and since about two hours after we started taking orders, we were very anxious to get a second Brian Train design in our lineup. And now we have two! You can take home all three of our Brain Train designs for a reduced price: not only will Ukrainian Crisis & The Little War be available at our traditional introductory price, but we’re also lowering the price on The Scheldt Campaign for the next few days.



The end of this month should see the release of Supply Lines of the American Revolution: The Northern Theater, 1775-1777 ($35 MSRP), a very unusual take on the American War for Independence. Designer Tom Russell has described it as a sort of very cerebral knife-fight. “It’s not a forgiving game,” he said, and no, he totally isn’t writing this in third person and quoting himself like some kind of psychopath. “Neither side has enough supply to be strong everywhere or to do everything that they want. Making a big push to exploit your opponent’s weakness might in turn leave you vulnerable.”

The next game on the schedule is another unusual Tom Russell design, Optimates et Populares ($30 MSRP), a two-player game about the political struggle that defined the waning years of the Roman Republic. Both players will conspire to win elections, pass or veto reform measures, bribe Senators, incite mob violence, skim a little off the top, and murder their enemies – you know, politics as usual.

Our twelfth title, scheduled for release in late April or early May, is Sean Chick’s Horse & Musket: Dawn of an Era. With twenty-one scenarios covering battles from the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, two sheets of counters, and three sheets of hex tiles, this is our biggest game yet.


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