German POWs. [disturbing but not graphic]

Amazing image of German POWs being show film of the horror of the Death Camps.  There is such a range of emotions being expressed across so many faces. I’ve had this image up on a tab for a week now, wondering what they are thinking. ALso trying to decide if I should share it.

3 thoughts on “German POWs. [disturbing but not graphic]

  1. So, I can give you a first-hand account of what some PWs thought when showed these films.
    My grandfather, Werner, was a PW at Camp McCain, Mississippi (UBoat Radioman, captured May 1944 after scuttling their boat in the Med, sailed since 1940).
    They were shown these films in the camp, and for him and many of his fellow prisoners the reaction was, quite simply: “BS. This is Allied propaganda. Our side just *didn’t* do things like that. Must be bodies from Allied air raids.” Some commented out loud to that effect during the film.
    It didn’t sink in until much later.
    Maybe not politically correct, but there it is.

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