GBII or Guderian’s Blitzkrieg

Guderian’s Blitzkrieg II – Episode #1 from Andrea Seves on Vimeo.


We would like to draw you attention to Andrea and his friends new series of videos regarding GBII. This one is in the library. The Big Board is on a mission over the course of the next year to learn enough about OCS to play it!  There are currently 4 videos in the series and more to come. We will be contacting Andrea to have a chat about his experiences so far.

The community over at is brimming with enthusiasm and assistance. The time is right! So if every you thought a monster game on the epic events of the Eastern Front of World War II held any interest – stay tuned.  We will be posting lots of content this year about OCS.

Please drop a note here and rank the posts! Tell us your stories, share a link or send in an AAR for us to post. Articles about strategy, rules distillation and works in progress are all welcome.


2 thoughts on “GBII or Guderian’s Blitzkrieg

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been enjoying your videos of CB and GB 2. I play solo also, currently playing Korea: the forgotten war.
    I’m considering getting GB2, but am concerned about the time commitment. I really like GMT EFS , but hard to get the oop games. My question is; Is GB 2
    playable enough , or is it really too overwhelming to solo?

    I appreciate any thoughts or advice,

    • Thanks for watching Andrew !!! GB2 has large maps and smaller half maps. Several scenarios are a look at the campaign in segments using one full and one small map. These are VERY playable. it does take time. it is WORTH every minute. Once you get the system, you will spend time, and lots of it agonizing over your choices…. but not over the rules. DO IT GET IT. 🙂

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