Games that Inspire.

After all the good Turkey, or Harvest festival that you might have celebrated its time to stop and reflect on some good things in life.

Let see how long we can stay positive.?…?!!
No more “terminology I despise” , “most hated game”, “stupid rules”

What have great games inspired you to do?

Design your own game?
Create a new scenario for one?
Read a book?
Make a movie?
Teach someone a game?
Start a new hobby?
Create a business?
Serve those in need?

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Games that Inspire.

  1. I did pick up Shirer’s “Collapse of the Third Republic” recently because of TBL. While it is not a campaign history, it sure gives some insight into why the situation got out of hand so fast.

    I’ve also been comparing a “alternate history French win” scenario to the game too see how practical it was. Sadly, it seems a pretty big stretch. The counter set would let you test some of it, but not all of it.

      • I’m interested to see how you did it – not that I think the German win is inevitable, but like you found out in the first game, once the line goes the French are in a difficult position to recover. It is a long front to cover without a lot of good terrain to help.

        • oh its early yet. But at this point SS:V and 9th Panzer are going to take a series ass whipping and France/BEF stand strong at Namur Brussels. BUT….it is playing very differently from the 1st campaign. So that is very very interesting and cool.

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