Game Plan for 5.2 part 2 : The Marines


As per the IJA post and backgrounder prior we have 2 plans for the Marines also. We shall roll a die 1,2,3 is plan A, 4,5,6 plan B.

Plan A involves a direct approach to the Village for 5th Regiment – clearing the road in the process and studiously avoiding the Sand Spit.

The other half of the Regiment will approach from the South and then stage across the River and attack from that direction.

Meanwhile 7th would split into two 1/2 taking the Log Bridge, and the other heading further north and then crossing to secure the West of the village. The Whalers would be used to spot for Arty and secure the flank of the Log Bridge advance.

Plan B

Slightly different but the same idea for the 5th. There are not a lot of tactical choices here, just some minority detail changes. This effort relies on a deeper move to the South, but we want both forces to attack around the same time.

7th would again split in two, but rather than head North they await the taking of the bridge then passing thru and then securing the SW of the Village.

Both plans will rely heavily upon preparatory arty fire on on a pretty significant scale, require some close in movement by at least one company in each target area.

Failure instructions are marked on the final sheets for each formation. I included all the Bns on the one slice of paper, but we consider each of these to be separate sheets. I have not added timing to these sheets given we are working a 13 hour scenario. Only the US will have the ability to adjust, and I think on a given fail or potential fail we would see that coming and call in the 3/1 on Higgins boats and worst case the Tanks (a 30 VP ding).

There is the ability for highly efficent command organizations (US) to start with multiple Op Sheets. This is a concept that I must admit I struggle with how this works and is done in actual practice.

All right. Lets go roll dice for plans and expect a haste. 😉

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    • I could run a session online for an hour or so, but it really is not a game I’d say that I am either qualified to teach nor would be super excited about trying to teach.Once you break down the various sub systems its pretty clean and straight forward

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