7 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. I like the “deluxe” counters. Sadly, my copy has the older, thinner type. Want to trade? 🙂

    • 🙂

      I don’t mind the deluxe counters for things like ‘Twilight Struggle’ or ‘1989’, where they’re used more like status markers than actual combat units. For games where I’m moving units around and stacking things the thicker counters don’t work out as well as they don’t seem to sit nice and flat. I also don’t like brown core counters in general as they don’t seem to clip as nicely as the newer white core ones.

      Minor annoyances, I know, but I’m picky. 🙂

      • I understand completely! As I get older, I’m getting more finicky! Enjoy the game – it’s a good one!

    • The big event won’t happen until the end of August and I’ll certainly try to cover that a bit. In the meantime I’ll be soloing a few smaller scenarios to try and get a feel for the system, might be able to do something with that AAR-wise…

  2. I did not know that GMT had “deluxed” this game (or at least the counters). I have been thinking about buying this as a gift for someone too … I generally enjoy the game myself. Nothing beats shooting at things and there is lots and lots of that. Any minor reservations I have are probably due to my poor play I suspect. I hope your game at the end of the month works out. Wish I was there to play!

    • We had a practice run through of a small scenario yesterday in preparation for next week’s big event. May go with the status sheets for the ships next week, as there was an awful lot of clutter on the map once the ships started closing in on each other. I think it will work out pretty well, fits the “big dumb” description you mentioned in the other thread.

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