First Clash, continues [Turn 3, MBT]

Company Net: ALERT, RED , Echo-2 & Bridge Center.

The T-80 was faster. [Soviet initiative using Staggered optional initiative rules]

She fired while the T-64’s behind her popped smoke, her shots rocketed up the hill at the M1’s on the crest of Hill 7.21. The rising shot slams into the third tank in Mosleys platoon, just 25 meters away. The shot smashes white hot into the side of the hull. Separating the turret from the hull completely in a sickening explosion. Mosely scrunches his eyes closed as Land, Curtis and King’s body’s spin like rag dolls 20 feet into the air. Moments later the hull catches fire. Thick black oily smoke roils the pine scented air. Pulling the  hatch shut,

Mosley sinks into his command seat.

[Penetration P:97 , no laser sights, due to smoke discharger. -3 on the To Hit rows. TH % 49.

[27%/3/8&6, 8: Damage Roll] – meaning – Hit, Hull Side rising, +5 damage for a total of 102 against armour value of 47 . 8 = Brew Up.

The other T-80 from the woods now fire at Mosely’s platoon, she misses at 1400 m range. [Rolling a 76% against a 55% to Hit.]

Newell hears the explosion, and knows his side has lost at least one tank, his men swing into action. All the years of training now pay their dividends. [Newell need  a 63% or less to hit using Thermal thru his Smoke, and +1 for NATOShort halt fire: penalty  result-32%/2/4&8/10], The T-72 on the far side of the bridge is hit. The turret explodes. [96 Penetration pts + 3 for the variable against 90 armour defense and a 10 on damage Brew Up the Soviet unit.]

The second tank in his platoon issues orders from the ridge to target the T-72’s that had crossed the river near the woods. At short range they blaze away. [Range 9 from hex 7P2>2W4. They roll a 55/%2/6&0.6] The front turret takes the hit, and is split apart. Knocking out the tank. [119 v 90 defense 6 on damage roll]

The third tank fires, hits and KO’s the 3rd tank in the 4 tank platoon near the river.

Back on the hill platoon Commander Mosley barked orders to his tankers. “ALPHA – 3 Tanks Echo-2 Target t-80 FIRE.”

Both Tanks fire at short range. The first shot hits but does no damage! “Hienle, line that bitch up before we all die.” Says Mosely.

[10%/6/0&6/3 ] The shot screams in fins spinning, the detonation hits the top deck. Mosely watches the barrel sag to rest. KO!

[the Soviet tank had 55 defense on a falling shot onto the front hull, the 119 alone is a enough to pop it, the variable adds another 6 penetration pts!] A 3 damage roll kills the tank for the  M1A1!]

The two T-64’s negotiate their own smoke and the thick black smoke from the T-80 to fire off at Mosely’s tank. The first shot misses, the second clangs hard on the front of Moseley’s turret. “get that fricken bastard! Hurry!! ALPHA 1 Tank Echo-2 T-64 FIRE!!”

[Penetration 97 vs 118 defensive armour.]The T-64 misses

Both sides remaining forces move to positions to press their respective advantages. [Note: red arrow denotes Co. HQ tanks for both sides]

The US now must quickly finish off the last T-72 across the river, capture the bridge and ford positions, then work out how to capture the rest across open ground!

Meanwhile the Soviets need to stop the bleeding and get some payback. This turn they lost 4 tanks to 1.

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