Fear in the Forest, or The Hammer of Thor?

Hammer of Thor Scenario 1 Operation Garbo. World at War.

0630 20th of May 1985
A cold breeze blew across the harbor. The early morning sun struggled to warm the frigid air. Three days earlier the world was stunned by Soviet Russia’s attack into Western Germany. In the main theatre of war strange and fearful events were slowly being leaked out to the rest of the world.
None of that was an issue for Ander.  His Battalion, or what there was of it had a job to do. A job he was fearfully well trained for. 20 years of service and a tour of duty in ‘Nam under a combat readiness exchange program meant he was battle hardened, his men were another matter. Certainly well trained, but they were mostly reservist and non combat trained men. These Swedes prided themselves on their ability to fight for a very small country.

3 companies of troops, tanks and technology faced an unknown enemy. Without recovering the port city of Sodertalje, the Russians would have a an easy place to resupply, and reinforce.

The town was largely untouched by the sudden well executed invasion.

There had been no warning, sporadic resistance had flared but the Soviets had repressed it brutally according to the reports coming from refugees leaving the township.

Nestled between two hills heading to the water the port represented a tough killing ground, open road and fields were in between as you headed to the city and ultimately the water. The woods out of town provided a flanking position for the Soviets to ambush he thought, perfect ground for saggers.

Touching his mic he ordered the 3 companies forward. The IKV91’s rumbled into action, looking for hull down targets, the Centurions provided overwatch. Following came the APCS with his men.

0500 20th of May 1985
The small Lycan family were huddled deep in the woods. 4 of them, a den would be a more accurate term were alone. Fearfully watching the humans that had disturbed them early this morning. In the Change they collectively struggled to hold themselves from the blood lust that coursed thru their veins. Two squads of men with missiles and guns were arranging themselves in the woods.

The werewolves had been driven from town by the Soviets like so many others. They however had chosen a different course than the other refugees. These invaders had forced many of their formers neighbors from their homes.
The Lycans however did not intend to move. This was their home. It had been for many 100’s of years. The war between man did not concern them but they would defend their territory. In the distance out of human earshot the Lycans could hear the rumble and roar of many vehicles approaching.

Perhaps the Soviets meant to ambush the approaching army as the exited Nottrask and crossed the bridge?

0600 20th of May 1985
“Why the fuck do I have to sit in this miserable bitch of a place?” Bemoaned the Sagger Operator Olev. “This is bullshit. Where are all the dam tall beautiful women?” Kruznov replied drily “we did not come for you to kiss womens navel you short arse. Shut up and pay attention. Our intelligence says the pretty Swedes are on their way. ”
Kruznov’s men were tasked with fending off the expected counter attack. Talk about short end of the stick he thought. He had too few men with too little fire power.
If the Swedes came in force there would be trouble. One  smoke spitting company of T55’s and a handful of Saggers are not going to hold for long.

Up until now it had been easy, one KIA and two wounded. All the ports leadership and police either dead or in the local lock up. It was if someone had opened the door for them and they walked right in. Kruznov mused.

His men had played hard the first night in town and last night. Then news came of the delay in reinforcements. Things apparently were not going well on the Western Front around Eisenbach. This shit is crusty now, no more fun, just a real war. He shook his head and lit his last cigarette. He used his high powered binocs scanned the bridge where they expected the counterattack.

0710 20th of May 1985
Anders command powered thru Nattrask. Speed and surprise are all we have if they are in force, he thought. He sent the tank destroyers in across the bridge with the Centrurions hot on their heels.
“ATGM, ATGM” Came the call across the commsnet. Boom, the first casualty was theirs. The PBV302 personnel carrier from TN company that had split off earlier had not cleared the woods completely then!

“Dam” Anders muttered. A full platoon of Centurions returned fire in the general direction of the inbound. Another round this time from the right behind a copse of woods glanced off of a Centurion running at full speed.

It quickly corrected course and traversed the distance. Hidden in the rough was a platoon of soviets and a BTR-60. The BTR, fired in vain. The platoon were heads down as now tank destroyers roared with 50 cal rounds, and the Centurion platoon advanced they tore apart the BTR, and ran down the Soviets where they stood or lay.

QJ’s company of infantry mopped up the surviors, as they shot from their large open hatches in the PBV’s. Deciding not to hold ground Anders called in smoke to cover the western hilltop behind the crop fields, and followed up with HE 75MM arty support into the edge of the woods.

0714 20th of May 1985
The treetops exploded! Branches, limbs, and splinters peppered the Lycans. The mother of the ‘den’ was pinned under a large trunk. The Father and two sons set to with their incredible strength freeing her.

But her leg was shattered. Even her healing powers would take time to mend this sort of injury. The brothers looked at each other and nodded. “Father we are going to kill them all…. right now.” The Father roared and launched himself across the intervening 20 feet from the other end of the trunk. “No, the humans must not know we exist!” “I will not allow it.”
The older son screamed in defiance. “We are going. This is enough for us. Yrn and I have decided together. We must. No one will live to tell the tale.” With that they bounded towards the sound of weapons firing. The father slumped down beside his wife, his mate. Even in the Change he could not help but feel the sorrow of his sons imminent deaths.

Yrn and his brother Vendel approached the Soviet platoon. They could see a squad in front of them, a machine gunner pegged each end of the line and the squad leader was directing the Sagger operator.

Three other troopers completed the line. Yrn swept around to be right behind the far machine gunner. They had to die first. The power of these weapons would be too much for even their bodies to cope with. Bounding in he and Vendel tore out the backs of the gunners with barely a pause and pounced upon the line. Kruznovs men were pros, they turned to engage this surprise but were stricken with fear at the sight of these 9 foot high monsters.

Bullets peppered the air, several found their mark on Vendel. It was over quickly.

A 100 meters away thru the thick woods they heard more shooting. One more platoon was hidden somewhere but firing at something else besids them. The shelling from the Swedish artillery continued sporadically. The air was thick with debris. Yrn and Vendel moved rapidly thru the woods to where the sound of fighting came from.

They fell on the rear of the 2nd platoon who were arranged defensively near their BTR. 200 meters away Swedish troops fired upon the Soviets.

In a blind fury the Lycans tore into the Soviets. Arms ripped asunder, guts spilled, last gasps taken. The Swedes saw what was happening.

The platoon leader was stunned. What the fuck is that? He thought. ” Kill those dam things. shoot them.” Bullets pounded thru fur, it staggered and then stopped both Werewolves.

“you go” Vendel said, as blood bubbled from his mouth. “Protect our family.” He leapt over the BTR and launched himself into the midst of the advancing Swedes.

0730 20th of May 1985
Anders got the radio cast from the platoon leader. He shook his head. Dam 7 men dead and crazy talk of wild monsters…For fucks sake what next?

A T-55 crested the rise as his Centurions were heading up the slope. The smoke had landed off target. They began to take fire from the outskirts of town too. Oh shit. ” Get those fricken troops into town, ASAP. Circle to the North side of town.” he ordered. A Centurion caught fire , 1/2 the crew made it out, as the tank destroyers closed in on the T-55 and tore it apart.

The smoke covered the flanking maneuver of Anders mechanized infantry. The shooting from town lessened. Anders had his force mostly intact. Was this the extent of the opposition?

Centurions and troop carriers stormed into town. The Soviets have no where to run. They fought hard. Two PBV’s were destroyed and 3 squads killed. The Centurion tanks took point, hit by sagger at close range 2 more were lost before the town was fully controlled.

Anders thoughts turned to the woods worriedly. What was in there?

Swedish total victory


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  1. Nice turn in the story 🙂
    I’m not familiar yet with WaW system, so I wonder what really happened to the Soviet platoon to give you the idea of the werewolves twist.

  2. ahh just experimenting with the WaW back story fiction. The platoon was taken out by HE fire from tanks. Thanks for reading!

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