Do East Front titles model the real war or myth?


This book is a long negatively written tome. But darn interesting. Myth buster for sure despite the scathing tone.

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6 thoughts on “Do East Front titles model the real war or myth?

    1. Yes I saw Kiev last weekend at my buddies house. This Barbarossa is a good read just a bit drawn out and whiney, “told you so, can you believe they were so stupid” style…it is starting to grate. I wont be reading the others, unless I get glowing reviews from the locals.

      1. Even if you don’t like the tone, there are so few books on this period that aren’t just “the Germans kicked ass and the Soviets were pretty bad” in a few paragraphs taking up space until Typhoon kicks off. And then most Typhoon books are waving the flag until winter sets in. There must have been a lot more going on that most histories gloss over.

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