Devil went down to Georgia p2/2

Part  2 and the exciting conclusion. This module is worth a look if you dont own it.


2 thoughts on “Devil went down to Georgia p2/2

  1. Great AAR using Youtube and video! I’ve played all of the scenarios for A Ring of Hills Face-to-Face and it was very tense. My opponent wrote a review for Battles magazine about the game. Also, and I couldn’t tell, but a Sniper can not fire on a helicopter. Please keep the videos coming.


    1. Hi Mike, Glad you like the post.
      Feel free to subscribe!
      Keep the comments coming.
      Now my understanding is any DFT capable weapon can fire on a hovering Chopper. Besides that I saw it in a movie once…;)
      These scenarios are wonderful!
      Stay tuned! I have test parts from Honor and FAtherland the new expansion to playtest with. VERY COOL !!! Russia v France

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