5 thoughts on “Delium 424 B.C. Combat [1]

  1. I just love these type of tutorial videos. What a great way to ease yourself into a game system. Sure beats 2 hours of slogging through a rule book. Thanks for taking the time to create these videos.

  2. Note one error is that I charged that guy one extra CH for the second move, which I don’t think you do under HOPLITE Advance. Glad it helped. On a up note – GMT Games delivered me a replacement box FOB due to crushing. nice!! #winning.

  3. If I am reading the rules right it says that you do not charge for a “second move” cohesion hit in advance after combat (see 6.13) which I think is what you said above.

    I have played a bunch of Alexander/SPQR/Julius Caesar and there is significant rules changes from the earlier games.

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