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Prep stuff for Campaign Game. Not that most posts will be released on Fridays. mid morning Central Time.

We will use most of the Historical options that are low over head. Flieger=Random, Allied Withdrawal= Random. We will use Historical Tiger Convoy.

Initiative dice in images: Red =Axis, White = Allies, Red is tens, White is units, and blue is the third die.

 12th of September:

Weather : Clear (clr)

Italians move first Turn 1.

Shipping: 1 SP to Tobruk & Benghazi. 2T each to Bardia and Sollum.

The Italians first task is to fulfil the Mussolini requirements, which means having some units across the line, so they shuffle suitable units forward carefully and push limited SP into range in case the Allies stage a rapid attack. Bardia(Bard) is reinforced, 2 HH are deployed of the available count.

British begin moving supplies to a rail stop in a non stop shuttle, as well as moving by rail and sea into Mera Metruh (MM).  The LRDG move along the edge of the Qattara Depression heading for Qara.

Sept. 15.

Compliance with the Mussolini provision is met. The Italians step into Sidi Barrani (SB). The Allies continue supply build up.

15th of Sept.

Sept. 19

The Italians spot an opportunity, they use their fighters to sweep and then send a long range attack on the Port Facilities of the Port of Alexander.  They lose one fighter step but knock 1 capacity from the Port. This unfortunately does nothing to volume of shipping.

Sept 22- Oct 12 turns are simulcast, meaning that each side is re arranging forces and accumulating  Supplies.

It is noteworthy that the Allies if smart are able to accumulate trucked T from Alexander, ship into MM and Rail T’s.  We use the Galal Station as a dump for SP, as it is just 4 2/3rds MP from MM.  this allows 2SP and 3T per turn to be moved into the Western Desert Region (WDR).

The  Axis situation is more complex and varies month to month due the Sea Shipping and Coastal Shipping allowances vary. During the course of these played turns no Random Events were generated that affected play.

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