Coral Sea:CC Operations Phase #1 & 2

Lets kick off the game of Coral Sea by Bellica Games.

Hands are drawn per side. 5 Cards each. The Allies pull some red lined Event cards and a mix of tools for bringing fresh troops on board with green operational cards. Looks promising. Other types include Yellow for attack and blue for tactics.

2014-08-15 22.55.26

The Japanese [are we ok saying Japs…? I am] , or Japs have all Operational cards. One card here is special. The Truk card. It has a force of ships and troops and 4 resource points [supply], which once used means they must leave the map, and then return one more time via card draw.

We place a token on the map either map icon or card icon up. This is the ‘rock,paper,scissor’ part I mentioned last post.  They both choose Card.

Japanese have Init [initiative] which means they get a +2 to the init roll off, they win and play this Truk card.2014-08-15 22.55.55


On the board they go.

2014-08-15 23.42.07


The Americans now play their card. Boom..I think that’s good. More men can’t be bad right?

2014-08-15 23.44.33

First Ops phase complete.

The 2nd Ops phase starts and both sides choose card again. The Japs pop 2nd and 38th Divisions to the board. I think the 38th was in Burma at some stage, cool.

2014-08-15 23.46.56

Rather than play a card the Allies take a replacement card earning a valuable defensive card [blue] – RADAR!2014-08-15 23.48.27

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