Churchill Update & More! from Mark Herman

As always a insightful and thoughtfully written post. Do yourself a favor and read it.

The Churchill conference mechanic/metaphor may morph into a series of Politically themed games!

Excellent and very interesting.

Yet not to be out done at the bottom of the post we find that a long delayed title on ZunTzu will be forth coming!

“Sun Tzu (the Warring States Period in China): This one has been in design for over 4 years, but I finally have the time to devote to pulling the seven versions of the game into the one that I have currently on the table. I am fortunate to have several wingmen on this one to include Robert Ryer of VG fame, Rich Phares an experienced commercial designer, and James Pei all star gamer but more importantly the native speaker who is doing all of the primary research in Chinese. This will be my fourth CDG with some new mechanics focused on delivering a great deal of historical narrative on a subject that is poorly documented in English. You will learn who the Robert E. Lee’s of China was and the origins of the famous parables as you try to unite China under your rule. The game will come with  2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 player scenarios covering all of the major portions of the Warring States period in China. “

He wraps up with more on Pacific – teasing the art work.

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