Central Front Series Turn 1 SNAFU’s and Fixes

So the first thing executed incorrectly in the CFS campaign  was to not conduct interdiction with my Soviet air superiority on Turn 1.

2014-06-12 12.07.05

So I went back AFTER the Germans had moved and focussed on slowing any phase 2 moves and Turn 2 release of US forces etc.

I also had to re check my ‘counting’ of Friction Points as you count for 1 the units when they flip over as a Friction Point (5 and your are dead for Regiments). The board was getting cluttered quickly so that pick up on the rules really helped!

2014-06-12 12.29.16

Conducting Operations and attempting to maintain movement discipline for the Soviet Doctrine is proving to be a joke, with road and eZOCs snarling everything.

One of the cool aspects of this set of titles is assessing when in the 2nd and subsequent movement phases to move units or let them regroup.

Do you push that III just one more move, or should you make a Hasty attack and add in Arty?

What if I use lots of Air to burst that road clear? What if they elect to take the losses and stand and fight (in effect absorbing Friction Points and not retreating!)? What is my back up plan?

2014-06-12 19.36.54

Odds really need to be very high to make an impact, and even then the NATO folks take a step loss, drop back two hexes and dare you to try again!

Fun stuff.

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