C&C Ancients EPIC style

2015-04-07 18.38.24

Round 1 above the flanks get moving.

2015-04-07 18.58.13

The right pecks away but the center suffers.

2015-04-07 18.58.24

The backs of everyones heads for Steve Duke.2015-04-07 19.11.47

Note the empty beer glass.2015-04-07 19.21.21

WTf.. where is my center?

First game lost in a close tussle with Ptolemy historically victorious.,
2015-04-07 20.17.49


Now in the 2nd game I GOT Elephants.

2015-04-07 21.02.54


By mid game my elephants are gone, my line is blown and Antiochus will win!

Below the battle splits into the two flanks. ¬†As the center implodes again. A highly improbable event, you have to let history go and enjoy the game. Playing it for the mechanics not the ‘ancient tactics’ Which I still forget.

The 8 of us had a blast.

Thanks to Brady for being an awesome GM.2015-04-07 21.35.41

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