4 thoughts on “CB/GBII Dec 8th Error Concerns [34]

  1. Sadly, Kev, my internet speed these days will not let me watch your vids without getting frustrated with interruptions. I will have to catch up on them in a few months time.

    That being said, are you enjoying this rather expansive, elongated dip into OCS waters? You have been at this for quite some time now, so I imagine the answer is “yes”?

    And if so, did the OCS experience end up being what you imagined / hoped it would be like, or is it perhaps different (and better)?

    Thanks for going to all the trouble btw!

  2. The Horror! Note – you can dial down the resolution, I publish in HD, but you can select a lower resolution that might help. As for the game. I am enjoying the ups and downs! I’ve been at it so long that a bee hive took over a corner of the downstairs and did not notice. NOW that was a war.
    due to playing solo, it is hard to keep it all ‘straight’ So as long as no egregious errors occur we carry on. The Germans really have the fun of it for the most part so far. IT is nigh on impossible to pull a decent counter punch together.
    The Soviets have tried and even at 10-12:1 have rolled like a dog.
    I’m firmly convinced this is a great way to explore but I can see how it would be very easy just play one or other of the titles, as you can truly separate them without losing fidelity. the terrain so SO different for a start.
    I imagine that there is a smarter way to do supply for combat and movement. IF there is I’d like to know about it. The constant chugging SP around is a bit laborious. Creating a logistics net for TRACE is however very cool and when ICE ruins it for the Axis all hell breaks loose!

  3. Very interesting. I have been curious about the series for some time. Particularly due to the rapid fan base and just because it looks so great. I am so shallow …. LOL!

    However, I continue to hesitate. In large part due to the humongous number of games out there that need attention/purchase that are a little more in my wheelhouse. I think with unlimited resources and time, it would not be an issue.

    So until then I will just live vicariously through your vids as far as OCS is concerned. I am glad that you are getting into it and that the supply has not turned you off as it has a few others. I think it would be one of the more interesting things myself, Also glad that the bees did not take over your entire house while you were distracted.

    Thanks for the HD tip too!

    • Goodo!! Why not try a smaller game such as the newly released Reluctant Enemies. I will be playing that soon enough it is a one mapper with one counter sheet I think.

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