CB/GBII Dec 22nd Soviet moves

The Russian situation at end of movement phase is uncomfortable around Moscow. After a monster re org of the defenses a ‘third front is established to counter the 7th Panzer from the direction of Dubra. All Soviet forces pull back across the Oka River.

2014-07-10 14.05.16


They are going to have to spend a turn eating off the map (SP) In the Kalinin sector there has been no counter attack, a few rough calculations showed high percentage chances of AL1/AL2 results. The commando units and Paras of the Germans cannot be removed by combat this turn, and a 5 truck extender shall be in place for next turn.

North of Kalinin the forces there were required to retreat after a surprise attack by the Germans up there….an attempt to keep the Russians honest!

2014-07-10 14.05.22

A risky attack is planned to begin trying to breach the Trace supply lines of the Germans East of Tula. Forces are thin but high powered. With some luck they might break thru.


The retreat continues around Rostov and areas East to fortify likely crossing areas. In Sevastopol the Soviets give ground slowly.


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