CB/GBI Dec 19th part 2 Southern Maps

2014-07-06 22.49.32


As a follow up to our recent post regarding The Defense of Moscow the rest of the map! In Sevastopol the Germans press through rough terrain and extend trace supply lines

sth_end turndec19


Big picture overview shows where the dual thrust of effort is towards Rosov and the Eastern foothills. Note the limits of throw for move and combat.

By positioning both avenues we hope to keep the Soviets thin. There is a case for a balls to the wall press here. Not sure that the Axis have the planning, logistics capability to make it a reality, but a quick dash to the River line may be in order.

How would the Soviets counter this?

2014-07-06 22.24.29


19th heads South to join up with 14th, 13th and 16th Pzr.  Some further close ups. Also it is noteworthy that the Soviets have accumulated SP and workable reserves on the South side of the River. So while the Axis have the edge right now, as lines are extended exposure increases.

2014-07-06 22.24.21

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