Carthage Rematch 260 BC

260 BC


A new year dawns with Massana firmly under Carthage control. This will broaden the scope of the war from and in Sicily.2014-11-21 13.31.28

The Carthage Political situation stays the same with the Magonids in charge.


However due to the number of naval battles lost the level of interest in war kicks up a notch to Interested!

Cartage Army IIII Raised

Cartage Army IIII Raised

This has a significant impact! A third Army is now able to be raised. The Carthaginians draw down on Elite Numidians, Libyans and Mauritanians. Specifically taking 20 Libyan infantry, 10 Numidian Infantry, 10 Elite Cavalry and 10 Mauritanian. Rolling a natural 9 also helped. One Army may go anywhere, one army may be in Sicily and one army must be in Africa.


The Roman Elections add Blasius to RC and #310 Dulius to Field Consul [ A most excellent Roman Leader]. Due to the disbanding of Consular Army #1 the Romans must raise another Consular Army [CA].

2014-11-21 14.33.14

They then prevail upon the Senate to add an additional Legion despite large negative drms.


Hanno moves his army #1 to meet army III in Lilybauem. They move on Tyndaris where CA III is situated. The CA retreats into the mountains avoiding combat. Hanno – ends his turn there. He cannot take the CAIII with him out of Sicily so he stays in place.  The ruse to draw Carthage into the mountains does not work.

2014-11-21 15.01.23


CAII [generating 6 Attrition Points] moves up to Drapernum to besiege it.

2014-11-21 16.01.25

Hanno (the other) sets sail and heads up the coast across to Caralis then northwards in an effort to place themselves in the interception path of Romes newly formed CAI sitting off the coast of Italy on an island port. Unfortunately they scatter and reform, and end up mid way along the North Sardinian coastline.

2014-11-21 16.04.39

They reform once but after the next move segment fail the continuation roll

2014-11-21 16.01.31The next activations sees CA #I  with Dulius their best leader get going. He reforms the transports once, and manages to make the journey from IIvaa Ins to Marianium. They land and place Tibula under siege. In hindsight they think they should have taken the port town nearby.

2014-11-21 16.01.36

The Field consul takes another chit and assaults wiping out the small town but suffering horrendous casualties a total 9 infantry!

2014-11-21 16.11.24


Other Admirals activate and consolidate squadrons and fleets in Ostia. Carthage recalls Bostar (who has only one LAM but had to give it up in order to start in Libyaeum.

6th Cartho navy stalls, the Romans land in Sardinia to attempt to draw fire.

6th Cartho navy stalls, the Romans land in Sardinia to attempt to draw fire.

Gisgo in Carthage proper moves troops to Utica, HD and HR along the coast.

2014-11-21 16.40.20

The Augury plays out #86 – Sardinian Revolt. OMG. Perfect. I needed to be able to pop units up to here soon anyway. Now we have a ‘free move’. Normally I would be concerned about having to draw down from my primary armies, not so today!

Sardinian Revolt

Sardinian Revolt

RC is denied the right to leave Rome. the Roman player, shakes his head utters a foul curse at the dice Gods and surveys the  damage fate has dealt to him.

2014-11-21 17.07.36


From one end of the turn to the other the Carthage player scored lucky all day, from timely revolts to losing 2 major naval battles last turn and then rolling a 9 for level of political interest the cards fell for Carthage. How long will it last?


2014-11-21 17.12.40

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  1. This Game forces some tough asset allocation decisions. Be interesting to know where new armies are placed. Scattered Fleets cannot be attacked. Again great AAR.

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