Carthage 264 B.C.


The vibrant purple robe fluttered briefly in the breeze, as the man wound his way up the stairs to the highest vantage point. It was late Summer, even on the coast there was little breeze to be had in the Harbor of Cothon, enclosed as it was in a massive circle of stone, man made bay for ships of any scale.

Spears glinted in the sunlight, adding to the sharp reflections from the sea. Faces were upturned, all eyes focussed upon the man in the robe.

Hanno clasped Gisgo’s forearm.  They eyed each other.  Neither blinking in the harsh light. Finally Hanno turned away, thrust the purple robe back to allow his highly burnished armor to radiate light.

” Soldiers, Mercenaries, Citizens of Carthage” He spoke to the men aboard the ships arrayed  and ready to sail. “Today we sail for Lilybaeum, where we will begin our quest to bring Sicily to heel once and for all.”


“Plunder.”…he paused A roar arose from the ships and echoed thru the metropolis.


“Fertile Land, then……”

“ROME!!!!!!” He roared. “ROME will be OURS!!”

The crescendo deafened  one and all.


The harbor now bustled with trade craft, hurriedly bringing wares in from afar. Tying off and unloading as torches were lit, customs officials bribed and slaves whipped to move faster.

Gisgo watched the ships row into the East, sun at their backs until the were lost of the horizon of Mare Africum.

“Will our Navy and mercenaries be enough?”. He said to the now tiny specks of the distant ships.



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