Carthage 255 BC [part 6]

Play continues from earlier vassal sessions.


255 Start

Fleet loads up Massilia army which is disrupted.

Then the Navy makes an open water adventure Dulius [B rated stud] sails.

Arrives and hunkers down.



Gisgo [1 of them anyway]] runs a raid.



Hamilcar sallies from Lilybaeum. Sally can be a poor choice sometimes….

96- Augury. Libyan Raid from East.

Naval Intercept. – success the romans lose 2 squadrons and the Carthos lose 1. The Leader is wounded on the Cartho side.

By placing this key port in Southern Sardinia under siege Phase two is well under way. Our earlier set backs with sunken fleets will be revenged! If the two islands and Sicily can be controlled then the Romans can claim a military victory. Similar to the Naval auto win, Carthage must keep its trade routes and possessions intact if it is to persecute the war.

Sardinia comes under the weight of Rome’s might.

Agrigentum : 6:1 +1. Auto victory. -2 steps for Carthage. The siege assault is successful. Rome takes nominal casualties. This now places the focus on Lilybaeum.

Rome Consul moves to Pisae

Atrit – -4 /-3 for Rome @ Lillybauem as the siege wears on..

The Lilybauem force sallys again both sides lose another step.

IDS via siege reduction goes down by 1 in Lilybauem as the Romans chip away at the defenses..

Hanno – sallys again and both sides lose 2…This is annoying. He can do this all day… but it wears down his pool of replacements over time…I got time baby and unlimited repalcements.


Situation at the end of 254.

What I have failed to do here is secure each town militarily via garrison. The side with control has 2/3’s garrisoned. We are not there yet.


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