Caesar in Gaul [Pre P500]

Well, finally a side benefit for all this blogging!

While at Game On ! in Seattle recently Mark Simonitch who I had met there a few years back, dropped by to see our game and quietly mentioned that he had new game being developed AND was play testing it at the con!

“May I see?” I asked!

“Sure.” He said!

SWEEEEEET. I had been so pre occupied with our monster Third World War effort that not much else was registering. But when you have a chance to check out what the most popular designer from GMT is doing you pull your head out of your back side!

Now many of you likely know all about this already, but I was unaware of this new effort to take the Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage [H:RvC] system and apply it to Caesars efforts in Gaul, which ultimately led to Caesar taking over the mantle of leader of Rome post Rubicon crossing. A fantastic topic that we explored here a little in the Pompey v Caesar GBoH series of battles.

With H:RvC you got a game that borrowed from Herman’s first CDG design and re plotted it in the Ancient world. It was a hit!

Elephants, ancients, Hannibal ,Zama

So much so that a new edition which Mark was helping on is being planned, tho its status is up in the air.

H;RvC leaned heavily on the dynamic nature of the campaign. The point to point movement system really shone here and despite a few rough edges with combat the game is one I still enjoy playing.

So what will Caesar in Gaul be like?

Would it be immodest to say epic in scale [see below]? Many well defined and tastefully colored areas link to a vast area that Caesar must seek to control in a fairly short period of time [6 turns if I recall].

Full map- all prorotype of course

The tribes dont really band together until Vercingetorix gets into the game, I was unclear here how the opposing player manages these various tribes discretely.

As you can see the same control mechanics, and card play will be in effect. From what I could tell Caesar and the various factions will be doing some running around in a dynamic way to capture and control regions for VPs in a similar cadence to Hannibal.

My sneak peek got the juices flowing in anticipation. I think we should considering this game as worthy addition to the series of games based on this system. Mark thinks that for play balance reasons the Gauls will be tougher than what Caesar faced and thus the ‘exact’ history wont play out, but you will have a finely balanced game that explores the era in an approachable way.

Now…Mark…about that 1st Punic War…hmmm.

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