Brutal Turns in The Supreme Commander

How do you handle games where for some portion of it you are the under dog and must take a whipping?
Sometimes I find it frustrating and I seek a outlet or solution, which often compounds the problem…

In this case it was the Belgian & Netherlands prospective fall that weighed on me.

No Matter what you do you have Germans attacking you at max benefit every turn.

Beatings will continue until morale improves.
So we lost the Netherlands but held Belgium thru a quirk for one more turn!

Right now I am attempting to rush 3 armour corps to Antwerp to hold a little longer!

How Foolish.

Never reinforce failure!!!

But if….if we could get Yugoslavia into the war with UK support and Italian draftees….well now we got a real Southern Front……Ahh the pain of being on the backfoot!

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