Battle for Brody Scn 20, Panzer T9 onwards

Turn 9

Soviet AT guns fire. Missing. At point blank range.

The next shot brews up a IIIF

The Panzer company fires at the Soviets, suppressing enemy units in preparation for assault. Two half tracks fire at BA10

The German infantry move, the ½ tracks and tanks follow.

More Hand to Hand combat ensues. The Germans prevail and lose just a ½ squad.

Turn 11

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The IIIG’s overrun Komosomolyts towing an ATG. I’m wondering about bail out rolls and the point of them. Yet another roll, but the chances are pretty slim of a bail out.

Turn 12

Soviet initiative in turn 12 gives a rare first shot off, damaging a IIIG. Soviets pickup the next activation also ! Suppressing several infantry units.

The Germans rip thru trucks and ATG guns this turn. Soviet over watch fire from B-10 knocks out a IIIG.

By the end of the turn the VP tally is 210 vs 84 for the Germans. The Germans also have 1 of the bridges. They need four.

Two can be picked up easily, the 3rd and 4th in the game will require some effort but the Germans have the weight of units. We call the game at this point.




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