Brief Exclusive!!

60 minutes in and 2k of 16 raised from Big Board Gamers. You go guys! Lets get that Stalingrad map!!!

Big Board tactical gamers get advance notice on Kickstarter.
Some of you die hard tactical fans might like a chance to obtain one of the 100 first copies of the Old School Tactical System.

At first I was bit taken aback by the suggested price of 89 bucks.
But the first 100 KS backers get the game and all add ons for $55 +13 shipping.
Either as a collector, profiteer or a real gamer you might want to check this out.
If this kickstarter goes well the Stalingrad map (HUGE 30 inches by 41 inches) is a free add on!!  MOUNTED..get the F$#%%^!!! take my money


So it is now live. No one else has this news yet. I figure you got ten minutes to get the early bird offer.

Price then goes to $70.

Other deluxe versions are available also!

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