Blood on the Alma p2

Alexey’s AAR continues…


French-Turk Movement Phase

French units are enveloping Russian forces which are defending hill.

French Artillery Phase

No actions because all French artillery batteries have moved in previous phase.

Russian Movement Phase

Russian forces are grouped on the left flank hill.

Cavalry units “Kiev” and “Cossacks” move fast to intercept Britain Cavalry breakthrough on the right flank.

French Combat Phase

Minie Attack was lethal for Russian soldiers. One brigade was disrupted.
Then French made two attempt to assault Russian position. Both attacks was successful. Another infantry brigade was defeated in battle.

Russian Morale has been decreased downto “2”

French continue their attack waves. Russian soldiers are fighting with fierce but suffered casualties.

But Allied are suffered casualties too. Russian Army has less of manpower, weak weapon but has got bravery in hand-to-hand battles.

Russian Artillery Phase

Battery are shooting with impunity. One “red coats” units are eliminated completely. Another infanry has suffered heavy losses.

British Activation Phase

Where is Duke of Cambridge? Still no one chit “Cambridge” has been drawn! British can’t use Division “1” and Minie Attack for destroying Russian Artillery now.

British infantry eliminated Russian infantry brigade and made breakthrough.

Russian Combat Phase

All Russian cavalry attack was unsuccessful. But Russian infantry counterattack was surprised for French and they are suffered casualties in savage combat.

End of turn 3

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