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Mundane things:

Charging:  We will begin charging for the July P500 releases  on the following schedule:
Tuesday, July 1: Fire in the Lake
Monday, July 14: Won by the Sword

 July Production:

JUICY things:
July 10


Late July

OMG -So ready for the WbtS.

Then later in August…Ukraine ’43 2nd Edition REALLY!!! awesome, plus a lot of other games of note :
Do we have a treat for you guys! Those of you who attented CSW Expo in Tempe last month got to preview a new Strategic American Civil War game by Mark Simonitch – The U.S. Civil War. It has some of its roots in Eric Lee Smith’s game for Victory Games back in the 1980s. Mark says it’s also influenced by Mark Herman’s For the People, and you guys know by now that any game that Mark Simonitch designs is going to be just brimming with his own unique brand of design elegance. We think this game is going to be tons of fun, so we are thrilled to add it to our P500 list today! Click on the image below or the link above to get to the P500 page for more info, and add this one to your P500 order list today!


The U.S. Civil War

– I was the 57th order!

It is surprising to me that MBT has slowed down?

Is there an issue I am unaware of? – Despite the weak sequence of play order and some quibbling over ordnance carried by certain vehicles are there other problems?

MBT: 436 Orders to Date

MBT: FRG Expansion: 301 Orders to Date

MBT: BAOR Expansion: 297 Orders to Date


Read the full News Letter here! :

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