Beyond the Rhine, Sept 5th Allies

The Reboot of BTR on Vassal until such time as we synchronize back to the board.  Vassal setup notes 

Game Turn 1

Allied movement and combat

In the North, Monty seeks to reinforce the Scheldt effort early, and build up for an attack into Antwerp, versus rushing in guns blazing. The Guards Armour will secure the flank. So it’s Monty’s other gamble…

Air strikes are ineffective against the regiment ensconced in Kortrijk. CCB from 4th Arm. attempt to overrun the Alert Bn (2-4^-3) @ 5:1 – 3 shifts for failed surprise roll. With the surprise in the hands of the Germans the attack ends up at a skinny 1:1, the 11th Hussar Cav unit perishes but Kortrijk is taken as the enemy retreats.

In Wavre similarly air misses completely.

The units from Guards Armour are left fighting a tenacious battalion against SS AT guns, who inflict losses and then conduct a fighting retreat across the river.

The American forces along the Sambre river line near Namur get stuck in also: 3rd Armoured attack a reduced infantry division after it takes a DG’ing by 105 mm arty barrages. The attack goes in at 8:1. However the Germans had a surprise for the tank and mechanized assault force of the Americans, this led to a AL1/D01 result. Meaning the Yanks lost a step, the Germans elected to stand and fight taking a step loss and the stack stalled at the start line.

AL101/Do1 Allied unit is wiped out, but the Alert force retreats 1 hex. CCA follows up the assault by doing an overrun from the woods.

With the Alert Bn caught on open ground the combat Str is magnified [x2] as we imagine the halftracks and trucks being torn to bits and men gunned down as they march. The overrun is a success but at a high cost of men and machines [ another step loss!]

Another costly overrun moves the Luftwaffe out of the Western portion of Nancy. At the expense of a third step….

Summary of Sept 5th Positions

We have burned supply AND units for little gain. The South is treating the allies horribly on surprise and combat rolls, just like in the north.


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