Best for the Season!

As Santa swooshes his way across the world delivering an improbably high number of gifts to a ridiculously naughty “but you get something crowd”. – Merry Christmas!


Lets all pause for a moment to reflect on the the aspect of Giving. While we are often caught up in the commercial aspects of Christmas, the Holiday Season and all the other Winter Festivals the ability to give, large or small is a cornersstone of what makes us Human.

This season give to someone with no expectations, no desired outcome and no regrets.  Think about how that feels. For me that is the meaning of Christmas. A small window of time to remind us of the need to give to others selflessly.

Thanks for all that you do for others!

Thank you too for taking the time to visit here,  watching, reading or perusing. The gift of your time to this site helps motivate myself and all the others that pitch in here.

We will see you in 2014!



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