Assessing the Russian Defense Options [Stalingrad AH] p2

Part 2 Defending Mother Russia

C Sutherland

. Leningrad

Leningrad Ed M.

Some defenses focus on creating a hub around the Bug River. Preventing deeper exploitation and requiring a holding force to be maintained if you cannot budge the units, nor are prepared to exchange.

Others abandon any pretense of protecting from attack out of Hungary. Others dig in deep on the Prut River, others behind it.

Some favor a proactive adventure in Finland, others hold or defend in a refused deeper manner.

Planning ahead is what we cannot know or see here. Perhaps the creators of their defenses can share some insights as to where they first drop back to after the initial onslaught?

Which cities or river lines matter most to them as the game progresses?

Ed M




Geller Leningrad

. Huffman:



6 thoughts on “Assessing the Russian Defense Options [Stalingrad AH] p2

  1. Those are wonderful photos (or whatever) but only seeing the top unit in the stack makes the defenses a bit hard to evaluate. I infer, since those are not classic unit counters, that this is some sort of computer simulation; the new unit counters are very pretty.

    • George,
      Thanks for the note.
      I possibly failed to mention in this post that unless noted in the image by black additional text next to the stack, all units underneath are the SAME as the one on top. This is a screen shot from a pc emulator (i.e. vassal sunztu) for the tournament.
      Are you playing in the 50th anniversary tournament?

  2. Aha! I have since found that someplace. I just heard about the tournament, which I gather is now full. Joe Angiolillo is a good player as shown by his defense. There appears to be a type in generating the Bullis defense, though I would be delighted to play against the displayed opening. I am not aware of vassal suntzu.

    The truth of the matter is that I am way too busy with other things not to mention tending my game collection. However, thank you for bringing everyone these.

  3. Geller: That’s a very different defense. I would opt for a 3-1 on S-18, killing the three 2-3-6s, a 3-1 on Brest-Litovsk, and a 3-1 on NN14, from only three sides. There are enough other things happening that allowing the NN14 defender a chance to escape is not worth the required soak-off. At Brest-Litovsk and NN14 you clearly want to occupy the square. There is always a question of what to push onto S-18, where the Russians could counterattack. However, if the Russians leave a unit on T18, it can be attacked from S17, making it impossible for the Russians to retake the Nemunas, not to mention the heaviest available German forces on T17, U17, and V17 make the soakoffs extremely costly. If the Russians do not leave at turn end of the counterattack leave a unit on T18, the Germans are across the river and the counterattack was ineffective. Do not forget to push a stack to GG10.

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