and done…phew. What a year ’16 was.

Almost slowest playing year in the last 3 ! However we played some big games, had that life thing messing best laid plans but overall I am very glad that 2016 allowed me to explore new games systems [see insert below (32)], play with new friends and old and explore military history in ways we don’t normally have available to us as non gamers.


Thanks for sharing the journey and making the experience even richer and more fun than you could know. I really appreciate all of you who comment, watch, read and share my attempts to capture the essence of our hobby as it impacts me.




2 thoughts on “and done…phew. What a year ’16 was.

  1. I have always enjoyed this site. I wish to add that out of all these games played I only have the following: The Third World War and Southern Front (seeking the last two of the series), BAOR, MBT (AH’s 1st edition), and TACAIR. I tip my scotch glass to you sir. Hope you create another good year here for 2017.

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