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Dave, Jason  and Marshall share their second Pod Cast session, Advance After Combat. Here I share my reactions as I listen along:

Pod Cast here take a listen while you clip counters!

They talk thru some solo games D-Day (mines on the way !!! ) Gettysburg , using the NT system. Not solo friendly but soooooo stunning. I almost jumped on this in the Kickstarter. D-Day better be GOOD people!

Next, America  Conquered (oh wow Marshall I want to hear more about why the the infantry counter art is ‘bad’ for LNL). The setup on the scenarios is annoying and lazy for this module so the guys nail that. Its good to hear the perspective on LNL. LNL is missing opportunities here by the sounds of it!

Now what I do since I play nearly all of them, to deal with the box size issues I sort them by faction. World at War Conquered:
Now Marshall where is the love:
Another of my fave LNL modules Ring of Hills – Fan boy post done !:)
The guys go on to talk about COH – a nice review there of the 2nd edition. How the system works, a look at components (see below), then Marshall talks about his ambassadorship of gaming!
(image courtesy Avid Hunter  BGG.)
Where does the line get drawn on minis v hex and counter for man on man, Squad level and Platoon level? Do many systems borrow from minis for Hex and Counter titles? I want to talk about this more.
Further into the podcast they discuss Red Winter, I find this game high on my historical interest to play list akin to A Frozen Hell from TCS. I liked the early version I played of RW. Besides the quibbles expressed here a great game that captures specifics of a specific battle in incredibly harsh conditions. So therefore a series of design for effect – night movement, bonfires, and deep freeze losses are not only mandatory but add huge flavor to the game. Whereas in ASL all of that is ok…Come Marshall we know you are better than that! Stop being a ASL- FAN BOY! 😉
Now Next War : Korea gets a review from Dave who covers this complex and challenging title. The Air war is a bit droll to play alone. But IN the game is interesting, but it doubles game play time. Lots of value here, and it links to the coming Taiwan title…double the monster.
The boys wrap up with comments from Dave, not having played he Blitzkrieg Legend, pull it out and GET ON IT! If you can play NW:K then get on the stick dude. TBL plays amazing and is fun. More comments start on Worthington Games and then the alcohol kicks in and it is  ALL down hill from there! ;)!!!
Great Show go take a listen.

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