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July 2017.

I’m still here. Looks like you are too! Welcome. Enjoy the content and let me know what you like and why or why you don’t.

I may not change, but I’ll keep your ideas in mind!

A recent new feature here is Live Play,[ link to sample]. Each live broadcast is tweeted  and posted to  Bigboard Facebook page and Twitter . By following either of those two spots you will receive notification of a pending live event. Usually there is not more than an hour or so notices as schedules are fungible at best.

July 4th 2014 Update

A quick summary of what you will find here:

  • A place for narrative to arise from the cardboard chits and dice rolls.
  • A place where we explore Military History from all eras.
  • Comment about games, game designs and my likes dislikes; usually raw and unvarnished.
  • A place where the experiences of each title are captured in video, digital images and words, blended together in unique ways to capture the essence of the experience in the moment.
  • Experimental image capture and story sharing
  • The odd tutorial and lame attempts at geeky humour.

What does the Big Board cover?

Generally writing and posting is derivative of a loose set of Themes-

The Chronological Walk thru of WWII via the game library. Exploring every major conflict or battle and every major theatre with at least one title per element, then sharing that experience in a variety of formats.

Play by Poll (PbP)  where readers vote on what to do in an umpired experience of a given title. Always a rip roaring bit of fun, you do not need to know the rules, just provide your sage counsel via Poll!

Side by Side (SbS) Two titles from the same battle/theatre or conflict explored and compared. OR two copies of the same game played by a group of players.

Historical exploration ; looking at topics such as the Rise of Caesar as a General compared to and against Pompey, or the Battles of Caesar in Gaul.

Using Operational or strategic titles to create fresh conflicts in tactical titles where they translate.

Lots of news and Battle Reports from other writers, other players as well as third party reviews.

Other fun stuff too!

If you have a desire for a game design to be reviewed/previewed/captured pictorially or videoed, this can happen. Drop a note to bigboardgaming AT gmail DOT com etc… , no free games accepted but discounts appreciated ;). At the very least I promise to buy something from you, this keeps me guilt free.

Jan 2014 Update

Find Video@ my Youtube Channel  ,

See incremental stuff on Google+ and Facebook!

Well WTH, may as well have a Tumbler page too right! 😉

That is it….except twitter, but that is just a repost of this blog as is Tumblr. I do find pics look mighty good on the Tumblr format!

October 2013

Welcome to the new Big Board Gaming location! -www.bigboardgaming.com

All images are now locally hosted for faster loading, less broken links! Expect some new presentation modes as we gain even finer control over how content is present in this self hosted blog. I took the extra step and expense to do this so that I can more fully express the narrative and explore new means of sharing historical board gaming with you.

Enjoy the blog!

No more of these issues hopefully:


CHROME USERS, please note that you may experience blank image holders. Please click thru on images. Right now we cannot identify what the problem is with images posted via URL from Facebook.

OR try FF or Safari.  Will update as we go.

Update 2012.

After a wonderful 12 months of posting, lots of elements of the blog have evolved. We have more contributors, more people sharing content, a lot more imagery of in game situations and well as a little artistic image capture. The blog following has grown nicely for its unique content and style.

This site is really for people to share their in game play, and thoughts on the games they play. The Big Board’s intent in that regard is the same as always; explore history, the games and have some fun!


For a start, I write terribly. Typically I write as a stream of consciousness and then go back and try and make it readable.  My writing tone can sometimes come across as abrasive…. Well that’s just how I write. I’m a pussy cat really.

I’m starting this blogging effort really to capture a few key things:

Firstly to capture my experiences in re creating famous and not so famous conflicts using military simulations as a medium, and sometimes drawing a fictional narrative out of that.

This all started a long time ago in a land far away. In fact in Australia. Where I had a crush on Napoleon.  My mother bought me a board game from Avalon Hill called Waterloo.  As I read about that era  I would play the game as a 12 year old and imagine what happened, why it happened and what might have been.

Furthermore and secondly how did the leaders make choices? What did the soldiers think? What were the smells, and sounds like? What was leadership, being a General all about anyway? What did courage look like? Who was afraid? Who were cowards? Why did men fight in such conditions?  Well as a 12 year thats what my adult brain now discerns that I wanted to be thinking about!;). Flash forward 30+ years.

My reading lead me to re connect with conflict simulations. My young kids were studying ancient Greece, Roman and other ancient cultures. This leads me to my next reason for blogging.

As I had read much (ok some) of the classics in the past, but not with any purpose or insight. So I started over,  Herodotus,ThucydidesLivy,  Plato….. Got no where fast.

So I switched tacks and read books about the books. I had all the source material to reference so reading these other books allowed me to compare and contrast writers assumptions and opinions against my own. Blogging allows me to share some of that.

Now I was better armed to help the children, which is another reason for my interest in blogging here. My eldest, Davis then said to me that he was going to be Alexander the Great in a Grade 1 class presentation.  I made a short movie of the battle of Issus for him, for his presentation. A light bulb went off. I wonder if there are still simulations around for all this great history?

Well the rest is history as they say. I reconnected with the board game simulation and board games in general. So here I will add new content, links to my movies I make on www.youtube.com/hipshot0710  ,  re post some of my articles or stories from BGG, and keep this as a hub.

The final reason for blogging here is that it becomes an archive of my experiences, with sims, with history, with my family etc. Hopefully I won’t let the dark moody bastard side of my personality out.  We will just keep it fun and hopefully interesting to people with are already in the hobby or exploring the hobby today.

Finally my children are all starting to expand their horizons beyond Star Wars Lego play, into some of the simpler board games and I can see that sometimes it holds sway over that dam XBOX and Call of Duty (not a bad shooter but nothing like the old Operation Flashpoint). So there is hope yet!

Well that is likely too much information.

Welcome to The Big Board.

21 thoughts on “About The Big Board

  1. Hi mate,

    Love your blog. I follow your OCS posts. I have just begun to play GB II again after a long hiatus. Keep up the hard work. When I get a replay up and running i’ll email you.

  2. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. DAK2 is on the way. It is pretty stunning so far. Real time I am up to Feb 19th 1941. I’ll be getting some write ps going shortly, with video also. Any one desiring to post AARs etc let me know. Love to share.

  3. Hiya. Hudson here from Hudsons Hideout. I used to run BluntForceGamer but had to switch to a free site. Any chance you can add my link on the right? Also War and Gamer is now gone 🙁

    • its not too hard. But I use wordpress. they have a hosted and self hosted model. You just need to own a URL and pat a company to host it for you. I can now post directly from word with pictures all formatted and no issues with storage for images etc OR dead links (biggest 2 reasons for the move.) I now use Blue Host for WP.

  4. Just found this site and love it. Can I get a copy of your Force on Force rules summary? Their rules are intriguing but opaque.

  5. Really anjoy rewatching your CB/GBII videos. OCS is a long-term interest which I have not been able to indulge, so you are teaching me how to play. Good fun!

  6. How the hell do u have time to do do all this!? How do u read rules & play…takes me ages…Who cares! It’s brilliant. Your work here is tireless. Many thanks for absolut brilliance & plain ‘ol giving & sharing. Not easy to find in this world nowadays. THANK YOU.

  7. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We respect your opinion. What do you think of GMTs Sword of Rome and The Napoleonic Wars. We play them here competitively with 5 players. I’ll look forward to your response.

    • Laurie. Not much of a point to point guy. I played the Napoleonic game, with friends, the general consensus was underwhelmed. But Im sure there is a fine game there if you want to play within the system it presents .

      • The system is good for us because as a group we’re card players with a well developed sense of history. We’re always looking for a fifth player. Do you live in Philadelphia?

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