A Victory Denied [Side by Side] p3

Turn 6-7-8 Bear with me here.

I wanted to run the scenario out to see how I might play it based upon chit draws, and points potential. Then let my opponent (Anthony) run his turns with his chit selections and pulls. I think you will see that this shows just how dynamic the game can be and how outcomes can change due to Formation selection and the timing of those activations!  So here is 6-8 part 1 and how I played out the game:

At the end of turn 6 we roll for Hitler Directive. But before we become too excited about that result lets look at the situation.

The paths have diverged historically to a large degree and the Soviets have tarried too long!

In the South, the 9th Army crosses the stream and takes on the western most VP location, erasing it easily. The 2nd Pzr Army drives headlong towards Moscow but has an eye on Vyazma also.

Despite the Guderians Choice Roll result at the end of the turn Guderian wisely chooses to take Hitler Distracted. This will maximize the chances of a crushing victory….well in my mind at least.

The nice thing here again is that the dynamic nature of the draws is really going to give this some replay value.

In the North 9th Army secures goals and begins to erode the fighting power of the Soviets.

I play turn 7 and  chits and saw one more non VP worthy town fall on the road to Moscow, but the situation changes little overall.

The challenge for the Germans is that when different style of defense is presented I think that the German will be hard pressed to replicate the situation here.

The only thing that the Soviet player neglected to do as what I would called a major tactical flaw is use effective locking ZOCs to prohibit break away and break thru movement.  Otherwise I think they played pretty well.

I also took the liberty of testing a number of different moves on turn 6/7/8 and with the same chit pulls, it was possible to get close to capturing Vyazma but not likely unless I used the Bombardment on the hex ( likely should have in fact).

So it will be interesting to see how Anthony does. That is up next.

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