217 B.C. H:RvC

Once the Carthaginians  have secured a little of the Iberian Peninsula they turn once more to converting and conquering the approach to the Alps.

They siege. This present the opportunity to use Pestilence on his large army, causing 2 losses. The historically accurate siege continues however and they grind down the town losing one more step in the process. In effect halving the size of the army.


While the siege is not thwarted nor lifted we peck away at Hannibals army.



If I had the ability to we should pop PC into Massilia. Instead we choose to spread some CU’s in Western Africa with Nero on a low rated card, ending back at the port.

Hanno converts more of the Roman PC’s. It is at this point that the Romans swing their Army under P.Scipio to the SW Alpine tribe and siege it.

Here I am hoping to thwart access to Italy proper next turn, forcing Hannibal to make tough choices if forced to retreat into an Alpine location.

The holding force of 3 CU presents an interesting target on the Eastern border, but will consume 2 cards to get to and engage. So we throw the dice and complete the siege and hope we can build up Scipios army to the max of ten.

Picking up the Elephant card in the next turn would be sweet.




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