216 B.C. Combat and Conflict

As 216 B.C. rages on Hannibal presses into the Alps around and thru Gallia Cisalpina. launching an attack on Varros men.

Varro had moved up from Rome with reinforcements.  Who then lunges over to Pisae to reinforce the solo 4 CU .

Varro  luckily lose just 1 CU and retreats from Hannibals onslaught. This allows Hannibal into the fertile plains  north of Rome.


He immediately begins to convert PC’s behind Varro and Longus. Hoping to cause casualties when or if Rome retreats from Battle.


These battle force me to react and thwart a somewhat daring and audacious effort in Africa.

Where the very first battle  in the game saw a mutual loss of forces. I quickly play a conversion event and lock up another province in Africa.



Hannibal presses on, attacking hard in Italy.

At the end of the turn however due to supply for Political Chits, his control drops by 2! For a total of 4 down,meaning another 4 PC are lost. Province totals now stand at 11 for Rome and just 7 for Carthage.



What will Hannibal the Great do in 215B.C?

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