215-214B.C H:RvC

215_handRomes hand for 215-214 above. We continue with our ultimate goal – the capture and holding of Carthage to bring about an end to this war in the NAME OF ROME!!!

I place blocking CU to hinder any lifting of the siege.

carthage siege

Carthage plays cards to convert PC in Numidia.


Lifts the Siege! and converts Eastern Numidia! Bastard!

215_carthage playNot happy. But the turn is not over, I drive my weakened forces back to Carthage. While Carthage fosters revolt in Sicily. Looks like Carthage may pick up several Provinces this turn. Not Good.



Carthage claws back a PC, and Rome owns the province west of Carthage, negating the 2nd claw back. Cartage 7 –  Rome 9.  I have 2 Siege points on Carthage at year end but cannot finish her off at the end of the double year turn. Onto 213-212 B.C.


end 215


Notes: The momentum is swinging to Carthage, as I react to his actions.

In the coming turn I must either finish Carthage or move to Spain to attempt to capture new land there.  With Sicily vulnerable I will have ot protect it first off and not try for Carthage Siege, which is a pity.




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