Nervous Mr. Putin?

Nervous Mr. Putin? Or Evolution of NATO versus Warsaw Pact

Some stronger thematically layered simulations/games are required to capture this period of time. How very interesting when viewed thru a graphical lens.
Some of the current crop of Resurgent Russia games don’t really do justice to the situation let alone the technology, tactics and military theory of both sides.
This map highlights to us the dramatic change in European alliances. A geopolitical game would be very interesting on this topic. 

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Surprise guess what MMP has for sale?



At our yearly tournament, Winter Offensive, MMP released two new products for Advanced Squad Leader!

The Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #8 [$12], features a new geomorphic map board (#76) and three new scenarios designed by Ken Dunn. Proceeds from the sales of each Winter Offensive Bonus Pack are donated to the World War Two Foundation.
The ASL Journal #12 [$26] is a 40-page magazine for the Advanced Squad Leader Game System. The magazine features nine articles, the latest Q&A and errata for the system, and 12 new scenarios printed on cardstock. We have also included a corrected scenario card for scenario 181 Gavin Take from the recent release YANKS, which was missing its red text but is replaced here.

Islamic State

Counterfact magazine brings us a solo game.

Fast playing, lean game system. That will bedevil you. As a solo game for me it passes the “Not playing for the AI ” test handsomely.

Despite some awkward font choices for counters and a mildly disappointing map the game is thematic enough to be engaging.

One core concept is not explained in the rules that I could find – “no action” is referred to when DAESH units conduct an action. Some don’t ‘count’ and as such it appears that the Allies get another free action. Versus what I and the folks watching the live stream concluded was another action for DAESH !

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