Kawaguchi’s Gamble & AVL News:

Now Available!

Kawaguchi’s Gamble: Edson’s Ridge

Now available from MMP, Kawaguchi’s Gamble is an Area Move game which simulates what was possibly Japan’s best chance to crack the Marine perimeter around Henderson Airfield and drive the Americans off Guadalcanal.

Kawaguchi’s Gamble features banzai charges, important leaders, gas attacks, and even hastily assembled riggers.

Kawaguchi’s Gamble: Edson’s Ridge contains:
22″x34″ full-color mapsheet
2 sheets of 5/8″ counters
full-color rulebook with examples
4 six-sided dice

They have this guy for $44.00 click thru to score a copy.

A Victory Lost Reprint

MMP is also very excited to announce the availability of one of our most popular titles, the award winning A Victory Lost. The reprint updates a few minor map errors but is otherwise the same as the original.

A Victory Lost simulates the Russian offensive Operation Saturn and continues through van Manstein’s famous “backhand blow”. A Victory Lost hearkens “old school” simplicity of classic games such as Russian Campaign and Panzergruppe Guderian, but with some very modern twists. Easy to learn, fast to play, but hard to master, A Victory Lost offers a historical treatment of this subject that has seldom been seen in larger and more complicated games.

A Victory Lost is available on the MMP website TODAY!

– This one is just $36.00. While this game is not as excellent as A Victory Denied it is certainly a solid game with an interesting approach to the topic.

Panzer ! Rapid route to fun historical gaming

2015-04-28 14.02.58

Last nite we played some action first from the @nd Front Drive to the Rhine western front module then switched gears to infantry and tank combat in 1943 Ukraine.

The first scenario figured some dual entry point meeting engagement action in the bocage of France, as Panzer Lehr raced to escape the pocket around Mortain in August ’44. A company of  M4AI’s and added 76mm long barrel units fueled up to prevent the Kampfegruppe Koch loaded for bear with PZ IVH and J units.

We used the staggered initiative new rule with a twist, where in Direct Fire phase you roll for which formation fires first, and so on continuing rolling per formation and then kept rolling for initiative in the move phase (versus doing things in reverse order..that seemed all to hard and lame to us).

2015-04-28 14.25.51

Assuming we were playing correctly (I guess it has been a while), often the location hit was more a matter of interest that needed, with close range shots all penetrating, so at point blank you really could skip the location die roll and go directly to damage, unless you were holdin out for the 10% survival chance of a track hit!

Given I had not played  much prior to these two sessions I felt good about the knowledge transfer.

We did come across some whacky questions that I’ll be posting in the Panzer folder later. For instance could a tank reverse into a overrun /close assault, with or without turret rotated?

I struggled with our  small arms fire via tank and vice versa. That seemed to not play as I recalled.

Our second scenario saw Pz IIIM’s and more IV H units face off against AT guns and T-34’s which were the /76’ers model 43. I profess to not knowing all these model variations until I am into the game. My opponent got a little geeked out with all the data cards. During setup I curse two things. First finding the right units types, second finding the right card (clearly pack up last game was sub par….but I also curse when I see the better armour rating of other models of the same type when going into battle.) This scenario was a straight up exit your units off off the map scenario  also.

2015-04-28 17.20.40-2

All in we got two scenarios done, a total of 15 or 16 turns with 2+ platoons of tanks and some trucked infantry so lots of moving parts.

2015-04-28 20.16.19

2015 Ownership by Era


Some further thoughts on this topic and other data over the next few weeks.

Some pretty obvious data – Lots of WWII. A significant proportion of modern titles, fueled in part by LNLP series games plus non Korea/Vietnam era titles, series titles from the old GDW – Third World War and Assault series plus a swag of SPI titles.

Lots of ancients, quiet a decent amount of Napoleonic titles also.

The big weakness! American Revolution and to some extent ACW (which consists of tactical monsters).

Battle of Stamford Bridge



The first to try and seize the crown and invade England was Harald Hardrada of Norway. He was helped by Harold’s brother Tostig, who was exiled from England.

Harald Hardrada and Tostig landed with a massive army of over 8,000 Norwegians in the North of England. They took York and declared Harald Hardrada King of England.

On hearing of the Viking (Norse) invasion, Harold Godwinson quickly gathered what men he could and marched 187 miles north to face him. They marched 37 – 45 miles a day, going as fast as they could and carryng their heavy kit with them.

The two armies met at Stamford Bridge, just outside York, on 25 September 1066. It was a bloody battle and one in which Harold’s army (the Saxons) broke through the Viking invaders front line to go on and win the battle.



So shall we examine how the game plays and what transpire in in the Shields and Swords version of Stamford Bridge!?

– Note images are in reverse order…sigh. Please click the Right most circle for chrono order.

[huge_it_slider id=”8″]


























In turn 4 the Viking decide to counter attack, since they are isolated and wont be able to retreat.

2015-03-19 16.09.35


Just a horrible crop of rolls. Then I realize there is an alternate option. They can form a Shield Wall. So we actually do that instead.

The one thing I find a bit unusual here is the lack of any command and control. It is usually a fairly important aspect of this era. As losses mount for the Vikings their is an abstracted leadership aspect presented.

2015-03-19 16.11.40


By presenting the SW in Turn 4, this leaves Turn 5 for the Saxons to be either a move or a Pitched battle. This PB is the only way to negate the SW. The Saxons get lucky and roll well again.

2015-03-19 16.14.03

Knocking the reduced unit out and reducing one more. While on the far right they far less favourably with an Exchange.


Ambush Play #2 Day of Heroes

Swapping sides we reset for another rapid fire 3 turn game. This time the Pakis elect to hold their positions. And kill as much as they can as fast as they can. Quite possibly the first mistake.

Melee in the first turn removes the enemy from a highly protective building location.

The squads light up all that moves! The challenge is that the Pakis can only really lose 2 units (including the MG, so 2 counters!), otherwise it is a Somali victory.



The Somalis close in, to shoot from adjacent hexes to mitigate their crappy fire power and range.


The Somalis make their morale check prior to the Melee and then go on and win a low odds contest. The Somalis surround units and pour on fire, they need one more kill to lock the game.

Paki fire is ineffective for the most part. But not so the Somalis who hit home.


Another win for the Skinnies.

Perhaps the plan must be to make a run for it for the Paks?

What have you seen?