Spidey sense tingling…is this the REAL Spidey?

The Final Gamble

Throwing all caution to the wind, I succomb.

The fall…. nearly all of these are in my hot little hands.

The abandonment of restraint, I am unleashed!!!

Yes. I bought the damn game. Before I played it.

2014-09-29 20.12.05

Seduced by an AAR of a friend, knowing the sale ends…. I must have her.

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New Nations at War Module:

For the LNLP fans of the series a new VASSAL module:

1st Punic War 264 B.C. turn 1 [reboot]

264 B.C. Spring.

Kristos the Emissary from Syracuse had ridden hard for several days. Yet if he was weary he showed no signs of it as he knelt before Hiero. Kristos could not see Hiero’s face as shadows were cast across it from the throne room perched above their beloved city.

“My Liege I bring word from Hanno. The Carthaginians will fall upon the Mammertine scum within one waning of the moon.” He paused, squaring his broad shoulders, a look of uncertainty clouded his face, brow furrowing he continued with a cautiousness born of a diplomat. “They also demand that we launch the assault from the sea and surprise the force there while simultaneously blocking the Romans from interfering  with our quinqueremes.” Kristos paused.

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Medieval Knights and Combat Mobility

Next time you suit up your knights for some field combat, pay a little more respect to their mobility, their agile and deft handling of hand to hand combat!

Full video of two men conducting various traditional drills and demonstrating their mobility.

Puts a new spin on titles such as Infidel, Men of Iron, and others that attempt to cover these periods of conflict 1200 – 1400’s. These suits of armour are all 15th Century pieces.

Arty in Le Bat. Reglement des Marie-Louise


With the arty chit pulled on the 2nd turn in our short assault scenario, the French mass fire upon the prone 60th foot skirmisher unit.
Using for batteries, to achieve a 2.5:1 attack they fire away.
44 factors v 16. The French roll a 42 earning a step loss. This may take awhile.
The combat lookups will take a little getting used to, but each table packs a lot of good data in to each easy to read tables. 3 tables are used to resolve each fire. The fire effects, fire defense and fire chart.