The Dark Valley Setup Chart

TDV is setting out to be an interesting game!

There is a fair amount of organization for setup and for your first play. How you organize your 1-4 units (95% of your starting force) will determine how quickly you get going in a face to face game.

1-4 infantry divisions start in 22 different locations for the Soviets. If you are a history buff and care where the 86th,118th or 82nd Infantry Divisions setup then you can do that with a little work.

If however you just want a unit with the correct factors you can pop any counter down that is a 1-4 as far as I can tell.

2014-01-23 13.46.35

But you need to know how many units of the same type to pop in each city location (typically, only multiple units go in City/Town hexes, to be placed in accordance with stacking rules as you setup.)

Your map will look like this when setting up. I popped them face down so I had the right historical units in the right place for game one…. I’m weird like that.
2014-01-24 00.00.37


So I created a quick chart to tell me for Game 2 just how many 1-4s go in each spot. Note that the errata lists some counter errors, which is going to be fixed in the next c3i magazine, hence the Kaluga/Kalvaga listing.


Nuts Publishing is…indeed Nuts!


Sebastien the Infantry Officer has formulated a more robust – “Boots on the Ground -esque” multi-player – 2 player skirmish board game!?

I have lots of questions! Lets hope we receive more detail so we can assess the opportunity. for what appears to be a highly details block game of MOUT Ops.


The email newsletter hints at the full range of tactical requirements for mounting Urban Ops.  With up to a company of troops, Combat Support Teams, vehicles, civvies and the like.



Both indoor and outdoor combat.  Will it let us do something like this:


Lets hope so.

Dark Valley continued [t2] AAR

Turn 2,

July ’41 sees the Soviet Counter attack aggressively early in the turn! However not before 2nd and 1st Panzer move after a general advance. AGS is in a rush to reach Kiev prior to more Soviet reinforcements arriving. The Soviets placed City Defence markers on Kiev and Smolensk and buttress the defense of each with 2 step 5-4 units.
2014-01-28 11.48.08
[Full chit pull sequence]

This subsequently cost the Soviets heavily. As many of the choices for attacks represented poor odds  attacks in over 50% of the 9 attacks. Resulting in 8 Divisions lost,3 Mech corps all for the damage of one German division! The odds combine with isolation DRMs crushed most attacks. This resulted in an eventual 51 combat factor loss for the turn.



AGN pressed hard past Dvinsk and powered across the Dvina River in force.


ARGC 3rd Pzr HQ, took advantage of the last move chit to not attack but rather bypass Vitebsk and surround Smolensk. In reality more units could have made the advance, as the Attrition phase only does supply check on units ALREADY in ISOLATED mode!! A big difference from my initial impression. So IF you are not caught out by the Logistics chit, you can ‘sneak’ forward.

Regardless the men of 18th Mtr. and 19th Pzr Div. are inside the 7 hex range of an HQ near Minsk which fell this turn.

2014-01-28 11.49.07


A hard press up to the gates of Kiev was met with stiff resistance and a wealth of units of Corps and smaller size.

In the far South near Odessa 4th Army cleans up remnants and presses to Odessa for the quick cut off.

2014-01-28 11.50.16


Final positions end turn 2:


Hitler Rant – UT [FIXED]

While not war game related it does have Hitler in it. Anything at UT’s expense deserves some airtime!~ Gig ’em.