Halloween, LNL Style…..

I just downloaded the Halloween treat from LNL’s page.

Suitably thematic – with PnP counters and full map (I’ll be using that for new scenarios for sure!)

Might play that tonite! Except I think I will swap out Germans and Russians for Americans and Soviets using Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of the Gap !!!

You can grab yours here: http://www.locknloadgame.com/
Its below the Nuklear Winter promo, after Space Infantry.

Rise of Macedon regional background & history

The Greek States, the Italian Peninsula, and Syracuse around the time of the Rise of Macedon,

was also full of conflict. Dionysius II had succeeded his father Dionysius I as tyrant in Sicily in 367 BC by preventing Dion from arranging with his dying father that his half brothers Hipparinus and Nysaeus share power, sneaky bastard that he was!

Dionysius II invited Plato to come advise him and also recalled from exile the historian Philistus, who caused Dionysius to suspect the influence of Plato on Dion.  This seemed like a noble move. One can imagine that Plato was flattered and excited to influence the son of the Tyrant and change the course of history in the troubled region.

It was not to be so.

When Plato lectured on the goodness of justice and the misery of unjust tyranny, Dionysius was displeased and finally admitted that if Plato was looking for a virtuous man, his labor was lost there! Some much for that Golden Age. Jealous of the friendship between Plato and Dion, Dionysius II sent Dion into exile for writing a letter to Carthaginian commanders in Sicily even though he was their usual diplomatic contact; so Plato returned to Athens.

Dionysius, went on to cause strife and be some what similar to his father but significantly less successful. In the end he sailed off into obscurity after being granted a peaceful exit to Corinth, by Timelon.  The Greek adventure in Sicily was always contentious as it abutted the rapidly changing Italian Peninsula, and an aggressive Corinth.  The contrast between Sicily and the Greek States is interesting.

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The Hammer of Thor

Red River Gamers AAR:

Another great job guys!


After going over the rules and explaining game mechanics; my colleague & I drew counters to see which side to we were going to play – he drew the Swedes while I drew the Soviets.

So here’s our After Action Report…

Turn 1 – The Sweds move up from their assembly area to their jumps-off points. Meanwhile the Soviets have taken up defensive positions on the high ground & in the town.

Turn 2 – Incoming! After calling their first Smoke Fire Missions to block the Soviets Line of Fire, the Swedish SN Tank Company move into the forest north of Nottrask on the Left Flank. Then the Swedish QJ Mech Infantry Company crosses the river adjacent Torrkolen on the Right Flank.

Turn 3 – More Smoke! After calling in their second Smoke Fire Mission, the TN Tank Destroyer Company to push east across the Nottrask Bridge in the Center. The Swedish SN Tank Company clears the forest on the Left Flank. The Swedish QJ Mech Infantry Company continue to use terrain to conceal their movement on the Right Flank. Meanwhile, the Soviet 22nd Naval Regt re-deploy their PT-76s and the 22nd Support Battalion can’t wait to employ their Sagger ATMs.

Turn 4-5 – Contact! The Lead units of the Swedish SN Tank Company attempt to Assault Combat elements of the Soviet 22nd Support Battalion only to get repulsed leaving the 22nd disrupted, but holding the terrain. Two other SN Centurions are disrupted by elements of the 22nd Naval Regt thus blocking the remaining units of the SN Tank Company. The lone Soviet 22nd Tank Battalion T-55 gets weaken by the TN Tank Destroyer Company and further taken out by QJ Mech Infantry Company.

Turn 6 – Pull Back! The 22nd Support Battalion on the Left Flank are wiped out and the remaining 22nd Support Battalion, with the lone Sagger ATM, pulls back towards town with hopes of getting a good shot at any IKV91 tank cresting the ridge. The Soviets finally call in a HE Artillery strike on the exposed QJ infantry units on the hill which takes them all out.

Turn 7 – Desperate fight! The Soviet 22nd Support Battalion take on the IKV91s from the Swedish TN Tank Destroyer Company, only to lose in the end. Across the town, the remaining elements of the 22nd Naval Regt hold off the Swedish SN Tank Company.

Turn 8 – Annihilation! The vestiges of the 22nd Naval Regt & Support Battalion are wiped out leaving the Sweds in control of Ranea City.