Lieutenant General Przhebishevsky’s Report on Actions of the 3rd Column during the Battle of Austerlitz

Translated By Alexander MikaberidzeFINS


Source: Russian State Military Archives (RGVIA),
fond VUA, opis 16, delo 3117-2

To His Imperial Majesty

Lieutenant General Przhebishevsky’s Report

During the Battle of Austerlitz, following the disposition assigned to the 3rd Columns by the commander-in-chief General of Infantry Golenischev-Kutuzov and having defeated the enemy and completely secured the crossing site, I was completely surrounded despite all my endeavors. Having endured the fiercest enemy fire for seven hours in a low-lying and disadvantageous position and losing many subordinates, some killed, others wounded, while remaining were in confusion from a ferocious canister fire from three directions and without any ammunition or hope for reinforcements, [I and my troops] fought to the last, as required of the subjects of Your Imperial Majesty, before being finally captured by the enemy.

Unable to report to Your Majesty until now, I consider it my duty to submit my report on those events, describing for Your Most Gracious Consideration the perseverance of the troops of Your Imperial Majesty, who although did not achieve complete success in the battle, but commemorated it with their steadfast faithfulness to you.

General Lieutenant Przhebishevsky

July 11/23 1806

Seven Pines The Gamers by ER Bickford

The Battle of Seven Pines May 31, 1862

This is the battle of Seven Pines, running from May 31st through June 1st of 1862. The Union has two corps that are deployed just to the north of the White Oak Swamp. The Federal 4th Corps commanded by General Erasmus Keyes is defending Seven Pines and has General Silas Casey’s 2nd Division deployed in the redoubt along Williamsburg Road. Fair Oaks Station is just the north of General Casey’s position. Meanwhile General Joseph Hooker and Brigadier General Philip Kearney are stationed east along the Williamsburg Road. General Samuel Heintzelman is in charge of the action.

The Confederates are led by General Joseph Johnston, who sees an opportunity to catch the Union forces in a weakened position, south of the Chickahominy.Johnston’s headquarters is set up at the Old Tavern on the Nine Mile Road. General D.H. Hill is deployed amongst the woods along the Williamsburg Road with orders to attack the Union position to the east and capture Seven Pines and then press onward to the next crossroads.

General Huger’s Division has orders to defend Charles City Road.

General Anderson’s Division has divisional goals. Pickett and Kemper have orders to move to the railroad along Gillies Creek near the Long’s place. Prior, Colson, and Wilcox have orders to join Huger in defending the Charles City Road.

Hampering all of the potential for the Confederate attack, is the fact that it has rained all night. Streams are going to cost a lot more in time to cross, plus 5 movement points. Additionally, the bridge over Gillies Creek has been washed out.

Meanwhile the Left Wing, led by General G.W. Smith, has orders to attack the Union position at Fair Oaks Station and then to move on to capture Orchard Station. These orders are in delay because of the waiting for Huger’s Division to trigger the action.


The first in magazine insert game from Line of Fire Magazine.

A very, very clever, engaging and thought provoking game.

Simple at first, with nice layers of subtly added as you experiment with different unit capabilities, discretely and in combination. After 4 plays I am hooked not only on the counter and map art but on the extra depth provided with so few rules!


Turn 1 and 2 are hard on the NATO forces but typically as the game progresses the tide turns. The battles become a tense stand off. With just 7 turns can NATO capture the vital bridge and surrounding areas? When to use the NATO Sniper? Who should the Hind target? Infantry? Or Tanks?
Can the Russians fool the NATO player into over committing early?
Who will have airstrikes this turn?
Do the US reinforcements have the staying power to take AND hold the bridge.

One of the best magazine games I have played since Battles Magazine Battle for Hue (which had limited replay value).

I hope this magazine and receives the attention it deserves. LNL is a small business making big fun games. Take a moment to give them a look or a second look. They are doing some amazing things.
Look for the rest of the game at the youtube channel (link above top right) or on facebook.
By the way who is this woman Petrov and what the hell is she doing in town?….. find out in a future Line of Fire Magazine.