The Untold Stories AAR: There are no Innocents Scenario 4 x2.

Today I had the opportunity to play two games of

The Untold Stories from LocknLoad Publishing with Peter Atack.

played at Great Hall Games
Peter is a long time gamer and a new friend…whether he likes it or not. He has played extenisvely with the W@W series and also playtested some modules.
He was going to be a tough, wily opponent for sure. We chose a scenario pretty much at random. This was to be my first play against a live opponent (dead ones are no fun) for World at War.

In fact my first face to face war game in 20+ years!
I was looking forward to playing for a number of reasons, one to confirm my lack of knowledge of the tactical doctrine of combat, two to confirm I was playing the system correctly and three to ensure that Peter knew who was BOSS.

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AtG v Rome The Battle of Siris opening moves. & INFIDEL command system

In this battle we use the Infidel command system mechanic.  Where each leader rolls against his or her (well you never know) leadership rating. In Infidel the ratings were lower than the GBoH guys, so I was initially worried. In reflection the thing worked out pretty well.

Alex had an out right advantage with a rating of 7. After each activation if you desire to activate another formation you roll for that leader and add 1 for each previous formation activated (except first), roll under off you go, roll over you are done and the enemy has a free activation.

So given that Alex was an Elite Ldr I chose to let him go first and allow him to activate any leader in his command radius.  Being a SGBoH player I looked to it as a measure of reasonableness not GBoH as much.  AtG’s generals are all pretty good 4-5-6’s verus 3-4’s of Rome.

However the free activations when the Greeks failed allowed every unit a chance to get going. If Rome obeyed the letter of the law under SGBoH it was possible for them to activate HA/PR together – we continued that practice, it meant the primary general used his activation, then he had to rely on lower levelleaders to roll 3/4 or under with on a subsequent activations was challenging.

On the whole the Greek/Roman activation of formations looked like this:

2 Greek 1 Roman

2 Greek 2 Roman

1 Greek 1 Roman

2 Greek 2 Roman

1 Greek 1 Roman

2 Greek.

so  9v7. The Romans have a tricky time activating in GBoH, and are limited in SGBoH too.

I think with some tweaks from smart players the Infidel command and control system could be readily applied to GBoH.

I had heard that SGBoH was coming out with a rules revision, but have seen no drafts or evidence of when.

I am planning on testing with more battles and different situations to see if this makes sense to use and does not skew the action too badly.