PbeM day 2 Waterloo Campaign [4]

PbeM day 2 Waterloo Campaign [4]

Noon Ath (western area of Ops):

Uxbridge sees the French I Corp approaching Ath his cav are at the far edge of town, and a long column of troops headed North East toward Enghein which are II Corps Clinton and Coleville Divisions.

There is enough distance between Uxbridges Cav and the French I Corp to avoid combat assuming they  halt and you dont turn around.

Your forces are now stretched with the 3 Corps from Ath to Enghein.

Riders report Prince of Orange is headed to Mon St Jean.

Noon Rousing Speech by Zieten Commander of the I Corps to his men at the Battle of Ligny:

Drink up men, do you know what wine you drink? It comes from
Napoleon’s personal cellar left at Leipzig. Yes Leipzig! Where
Napoleon was beaten. Here we are not facing Napoleon, only one of his
preening, overdressed Marshals.

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PbeM day 2 Waterloo Campaign [3]


June 15th 1815

[Description Wellington has vacillated on orders and elected to consolidate forces in Brussels, rather than anywhere near the Prussians. The Prussians sent 75% of their men one way – to Dinant and left I Corps in and around Charleroi where they had intended to head from Southwards only to meet a large force of French. Thus their army is split.

The French had Two wings of which each have split into two more Corps sized contingents. One headed to Valenciennes headed by Ney, the other Mons and abruptly onto Ath. While the Eastern group lead by Grouchy split Dinant and Charleroi.]

 0100 D’Erlon to GM

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PBEM Waterloo: Day 1 continued

Zieten to Blucher

Round 3 Sambre River

2Div [Jagow]  atk -12 morale to Prussian 2b.

Other wing -to Roder

French take minor losses 6 and 7 respectively. Bourmont’s move to Right supported by the Heavy Cu bash Roder senseless. His forces reel from the attack.


D’Erlon to Ney

The time is 1600.

Mons is secured.  My Corps is rested.  My patrols report heavy cannonade from the east of Binch.  I have no orders.

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PBeM Waterloo Campaign Opening Early Moves

The following long series of posts is the email exchanges, personal diagrams, notes and images I captured while umpiring the Waterloo Campaign using the Pratzen Editions Flight of the Eagle volume I.

12-16 players with mildly modified rules, and all battles conducted were diced by the Umpire. The system is an exploration in communication, working with unknowns and of course fun.  The title is not hyper realistic but it shines a very clear light on the problems of command, communication and attrition. From maps, to the tyranny of time, you are exposed to the vagaries of real time communications and limited knowledge. Lets follow the first few days of the campaign. There is some genuinely funny stuff!

Wellingtons knowledge base at start:

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GTS: things to live and die by

As the Troop Landing Craft rolls over waves approaching the beach, men ducked for cover while shells whoosh and splashed overhead. The men rock side to side in a lullaby of motion. The sounds build as they approach the shore. White knuckles grip rifles, ammo boxes and machine guns. Then a grinding sound, a cessation of motion. The LC gate crashes down. Men surge forward.

The day had come.

Would it be the Greatest of Days or the Last Day for these men?

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BigBoard Database restore and reposting

Update: By this evening all the deleted posts should re submitted. So you may see a torrent of posts (about 8-10), sorry for the spam.
Then we should be basically upto date sans video posts and the live blogging of The Greatest Day

I’ve ha to do a DB restore. Subsequently your charming comments are lost to me from Jan 16th onwards.

I shall endeavor to re-post from then to now with what I was able to save.

Noville Module standard maps image gallery:

2015-12-15 19.39.35


2015-12-15 21.56.36

Straight shots down the road then assault move!

2015-12-15 21.52.57

US forces are outclassed!

2015-12-15 21.56.25

After 5 turns this sucker WAS OVER!

Desobry in action:2015-12-15 19.47.45

Germany at War

2015-11-13 21.27.02

Setup locations.

The first lunge is into the Sudan.

2015-11-13 21.27.14

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