Live setup and discussion about AGC Games

Yo.. send me 5 shares on Social Media and – I’ll jump on live for a bit and share rules chat, maps, counters on 3 …yes …3, 1944 games based on destruction of AGC!  Going live in 35 minutes if the 5 SHARES happen.


Top 10 battles where time ran out!

Righto… Here I am hat in hand. Asking you dear readers for assistance in expanding my knowledge and understanding of famous, infamous, tragic and epic battles where if not for running out of time one side may have overcome the odds or been overcome!

Wellingtons quote from the Battle of Waterloo “Give me Blucher or give me night “ comes to mind as the most succinct expression of the type of battles I am looking for.

Where the element time played a crucial role in so many aspects of this battle.

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Caesar in Gaul [Pre P500]

Well, finally a side benefit for all this blogging!

While at Game On ! in Seattle recently Mark Simonitch who I had met there a few years back, dropped by to see our game and quietly mentioned that he had new game being developed AND was play testing it at the con!

“May I see?” I asked!

“Sure.” He said!

SWEEEEEET. I had been so pre occupied with our monster Third World War effort that not much else was registering. But when you have a chance to check out what the most popular designer from GMT is doing you pull your head out of your back side!

Now many of you likely know all about this already, but I was unaware of this new effort to take the Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage [H:RvC] system and apply it to Caesars efforts in Gaul, which ultimately led to Caesar taking over the mantle of leader of Rome post Rubicon crossing. A fantastic topic that we explored here a little in the Pompey v Caesar GBoH series of battles.

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Seeing BCS played by Pros.

While at Game On I had a chance to see the hard core OCS/TCS and now BCS players cranking on a late stage scenario of BCS’s first title Last Blitzkrieg.
They had epxerienced some of the frustrations and challenges I faced solo. They however have over come!!

Above, Support Weapons counters are replaced with tiny dice much easier to use and to see what is going on.

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Battle in the Fog

Ten days after action near Balaklava, Russian
Prince Alexander Menshikov made another attempt
to cut off the Allied siege of Sevastopol and attacked at Inkerman. Following a desperate struggle in fog by outnumbered British infantry under General Fitzroy Somerset Lord Raglan, French General Pierre Bosquet arrived to seal victory and Menshikov withdrew (5 November 1854).

Map art.

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Carthage Tutoring & Game Play

Yes folks the lure was too strong.

Tony Kinner is a Ancients teacher and big Ancients wargame fan. He wants the big picture!!

Say no more.  I of course was late to Vassal, had a cold and had forgotten more than I knew. The good news is Tony was prepared!

We put him running the Carthaginians to avoid the Political headaches and frustrations for our first play.

He boldly struck out with Hiero to attempt to siege Massena and then Hanno moved in from Lilybaeum.

Hiero of Syracuse ever the stalwart fan of Carthage immediately places the miscreant Mammertine rebels under a siege.

He then scores a Siege Attrition! But the forces survive inside and Hiero loses just 1  step.

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RPG…Book..WWIII & the Supernatural

 A nice little package

Pop the above link to Mark Walkers latest blog post. Well worth checking out.

If you thought that Mark Walker could not get any more adorably ardent about his characters, WWIII military action, the Supernatural and gaming….well you were wrong.

Building on Revelation and its cross over Military action that combines M1’s, Werewolves and smoking hot Vampires seamlessly Walker has now got a Kickstarter going for his newest book that follows on which ties nicely to an RPG [no not an shoulder fired Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, rather a Role Playing Game!] .

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