First Clash, continues [Turn 3, MBT]

Company Net: ALERT, RED , Echo-2 & Bridge Center.

The T-80 was faster. [Soviet initiative using Staggered optional initiative rules]

She fired while the T-64’s behind her popped smoke, her shots rocketed up the hill at the M1’s on the crest of Hill 7.21. The rising shot slams into the third tank in Mosleys platoon, just 25 meters away. The shot smashes white hot into the side of the hull. Separating the turret from the hull completely in a sickening explosion. Mosely scrunches his eyes closed as Land, Curtis and King’s body’s spin like rag dolls 20 feet into the air. Moments later the hull catches fire. Thick black oily smoke roils the pine scented air. Pulling the  hatch shut,

Mosley sinks into his command seat.

[Penetration P:97 , no laser sights, due to smoke discharger. -3 on the To Hit rows. TH % 49.

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Jim Day & MBT Maps

From BGG Jim Day:
I just want to make few comments on the MBT maps and the terrain depicted on them. The base color aside, either you have an issue with it or you don’t, the terrain is representative of the area that was occupied by the US V and VII Corps during the the time covered by the game.


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First Clash

“Can you believe this shit ? ” Krockover chirped for the 5th time in as many minutes into his headset as he steered the new M1 Abrams down the wooded road. Muttering as he peered into his vision blocks [periscopes] that supplemented the DID nav system. We get the shit jobs- Always.

“Can you believe this mother fricken shit?” he repeated.

The Commander Newell chuckled and said “Overton can you reach Krockovers head with your foot? Gunner Overton laughed from the right side of the turret basket and replied “Sure Sarge how hard you want me to smack him…?.” Everyone chuckled. In the recliner drivers position Krockover was an easy target! “Remember gentleman – No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great duty first!”

As one they repeated the Big Red Ones mantra over the roar of the accelerating turbine engines and all shouted its unofficial post script. “Then beers and bitches!

Newell, Overton, Krockover and Gade the Loader were all part of a lead elements pulled from the front line defenses East of Wurzburg to recon in force with the rest of the company. Nervous farmers claimed to have seen tanks and Soviets flags. Tensions had heightened with several skirmishes in the VII Corps sector between allegedly rogue Czech forces. The Soviets and their friends were probing. In response NATO had activated forward deployment and stepped up the patrolling. A few weeks ago WWIII looked imminent, now it was in full swing!

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First Clash Scn Intro, [mod] MBT

2016-07-24 23.34.52

So here we go. It would seem to me that the Yanks must have been caught flat footed. They are not in prepared positions. So it is a race thru the weld of the “Gap” for the elements of the VII Corps’s 1st Division.  They face off against the 210th Motor Rifle Regiment from the 48th MR Division & what Soviet attack in complete with out a Guards Tank Division ( 15th) of the Soviet Army.2016-07-24 23.32.05

Both teams race to secure key bridges, sans infantry support [this is an intro scenario for the Basic game that we will spice up a bit.]2016-07-24 23.31.44

The river line holds several bridges and two fords (1 @ each side). Brew Ups and Ko’s count for VP’s also.

We added an ATGM unit and a spicy mix of tanks for each side.2016-07-24 23.31.35

Soviets drew short straw for setup – they went first. The load one side of the map the US reciprocate by loading up on the other opposite side. We will use a butt load the size of Janet Jackson’s backside worth of Advanced Rules.

15 Turns. Starting now!

Coordination and SNAFU rolls

Early comments from Turn 1 and 2 experiences. More to come next week

Shattered OST Turns 14 thru 7

OST and Panzer have something in common! They both have deadly scenarios situated in and around Brody in the Western reaches of Russia. SEt in the Summer of 41, this scenario pits T-34s, and a KV1 against IV H’s and IIIF’s. Both sides have infantry, and a lot to do  in order to meet their objectives.


We had a miss communication turn 1, one of us used the boundaries for the scenario the other used map edge. Plus we moved twice in our eagerness. We adjusted for that and played on.

The first turn – Turn 14 ended up like so:

End turn 14

end turn14-13_shattered

End Turn 13

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