Battle above the Clouds

Great Campaigns of the ACW.

The fatigue system is the focus point like it or not in this system. BUT you cannot plan very much to minimize fatigue, as you must select the Formation(s) to activate THEN roll to see movement rate for the formation. Thus throwing chaos into your strategic plan. Every action you conduct incurs fatigue; movement, combat, combat results etc.


For if you thought it would take 2 moves to get where you need to be and you movement rate ends up being less, you are faced with incurring a higher fatigue level to achieve the stated goal. Should your units arrive fresh or tired? Reduced due to stragglers or fresh at a later date and time?
Now while your force might need to rest prior to fighting, the enemy could move away in the mean time OR they might attack you!

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Antony Beevor: ‘There are things that are too horrific to put in a book’

From the Telegraph :

September 1939 Opening move Germany

I am not sure what has prevented me from breaking the ice with this game. But it has sat on my magnet wall for since early April.

2015-04-23 16.34.50

Opening game play for the campaign of Unconditional Surrender.

I note that I need to retain 8 production points in order to mobilise the units in the pool. We have 26 Production points as the Germans at start.

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War Turn 1, Third World War

Sub Floor 10 Pentagon

0200 SECDEF offices @ the Pentagon situation briefing room 3.

“Mr. Secretary, CIA ops management report that they have lost contact with Kurdish BotG’s [boots on the ground]. The lapse is now longer than 24 hours. The President’s Intervention and support of Israel may have forced our operatives underground. The Soviet back channels are screaming at us and shipments of arms are inbound to the Kurds.”

The Secretary rubs his eyes wearily and says.” Well at least we have the Iraqis to counter right?”


“Right? Oh fro drying out loud…. damn what the hell happened?”

“Sir…it’s complicated…it, well you see you know that Shia and non-Shia factions all hate each other generally speaking right?”

The SECDEF snorts “I’m not a god damn idiot Banstall, what the hell are you not saying”

“Ahh, you see the President’s endorsement of Israeli and intervention there has brought to light the fact that Muslims really don’t like Israelis, enough for them to put aside differences and band together….” Banstall rushed on. “The good news is they have declared themselves neutral”

“NEUTRAL, Neutral, that son of a bitch…” SECDEF, looks around the room. “General what does this do to contingencies for reclaiming the Gulf? Oh and can we get my  tanks back from those bastards?”

The Joint Staff…all shared a quick glance amongst themselves.

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Two more new reprints from LNLP

Ok lets see if the games are consistent with the Dawns Early Light quality

Rommel / Totensonnstag

These look amazing. I just did a shrink rip vid to confirm that they are again now 3 for 3 printed well and registered correctly.

Looks like LNLP is putting past woes behind them!