Road to Victory

2015-08-29 23.42.53

Combat Example.

2015-08-29 23.42.32

Elite units elect to use their ‘skill’. The Axis do not elect to use Exploit tho they could with 4 Armoured Divisions.2015-08-29 23.42.38‘tactical results’ in the same color band earned by Elite units provide a choice for the attacker. Here we choose to kill a further step versus have an exploit phase for 2 divisions.

2015-08-30 00.31.57Final Position.

Details in the Video:



Lone Tree Hill, HoP

March 1944, Dutch New Guinea.

2015-08-25 16.45.43

The US Army is tasked with clearing the village!

2015-08-28 11.13.13

Initial forces are staged n the hill. Enemy reinforcements are expected along the bottom map edge.

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SPI Art of Siege Acre


Screen shot from Vassal Module [private module]

Always wanted to play this one.

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Well folks. Here it is. Finally realized. The finished product. The big shebang.

Video to come.

Pre War: Unrest in the Middle East

Somewhere in an alternate universe the world began to slip and slide off the rails.


It was not a gradual thing like most flare ups in the Middle East. For sure the warning signs were there, abductions, harassment of indigenes, and an escalation of search and seizure activity by occupying forces. Even the occasional shooting of local officials and subsequent retaliation by rebels or insurgents. A mortaring here, an execution there.


The problem was it had become so ‘normal’, the shattered bodies, broken buildings, burning cars and rifle butts in faces that no one saw the real thing the “it” coming that was the catalyst for disaster until it was too late.

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