Bloody Monday! AAR

Luca is a new wargamer and strategist.  He played with the draft components of Bloody Monday with the designer. I’ve made minor edits to the post but wanted to leave it intact in one HUGE image rich slab.
If you wish to back the project you have time! Don’t panic. But dont forget to back here if you think its your cup of tea.
Here we go:


Hello Everyone!, after having played Moscow’41 and Leningrad ’41, I wanted to play Bloody Monday, Napoleon at the gates of Moscow.

In the session that I attended, we played the game with all the Optional Rules and All the Units. I will explain the O.R. during the game in order to give you a better idea of what is happening.

Emanuele explained me also that one of the Victory Conditions is to destroy 10 Blocks of the opponents, explaining me that the Russian has a very high advantage on that. Any French Blocks counts to reach the 10 necessary for the sudden death, while the Russian’s Jagers, Militia and Cossacks do not count for that. That makes me think I could use those Units to create a shield to the important Units.

Game Lenght= 1 hour


Emanuele plays the French with the Initiative disk and starts first.
He uses the Gran Battery (O.R.) which lets him uses his artillery at the beginning of the first turn. The artillery cannot move and they fire in an adjacent area without reducing at the end.
In this way he deals some damage to my frontline injuring a couple of Jagers.

The turn starts.

Emanuele starts with an assault on Borodino using his forces led by Eugéne supported by strong Artillery Fire.

While my right flank is under attack from Eugéne’s IV Corps, the left flank is assaulted by a combined force of several French Corps, including the famigerate Davout’s I Corps and Murat’s Cavalry.
On this flank, the artillery support is strong. I soon realise how important is going to be the Artillery. It was in the past, it will be now again. I will have to plan my defences carefully trying to move my Blocks in order to avoid to leave holes in my lines.
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Operation Star – Six Angles

Note this post uses the guidelines for BigBoard write ups found here 

Operation Star -Six Angles magazine version. One of the 4 battles from the Army Group South Quad from SPI.

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In Name Alone?

There is no paperwork or data tracking in the remake of the SPI classic; streamlined but realistic procedures allow the realistic portrayal of unit assignment and supply expenditure. Command and control cards drive the action, enabling a player to tailor his emphasis on building units, gathering intelligence, conducting operations, or building up supplies. The map has been given a graphic update. The air war is updated and enhanced and the OOB presents the latest research with all units at a battalion level (armor in companies and air units in squadrons). Now it’s the ultimate North Africa simulation. Joseph Miranda.

Est. Retail $200 (Est. Pledge $150).

ok.. color me curious, in after the debacle with Wellingtons Victory how much trust is there that this will resemble much of anything of the good parts of CNA?


Once again DG goes for soft pastels..’cause you know a softer gentler wargamer is a more informed wargamer.  A sincere and thoughtful gamer. One who is intent upon exploring history is a subtle shade of tan, fushia and puce. Aussies in two shades of green, pink trucks and dismount counters. excellent.

Have no fear friends this is not Richard Bergs unplayable pasta water wagon of yester year. No sir. This is modern design. Subtle hues and paperless logistics.

Try it for $150.  No really. How can I judge value? How many maps? How many counters?  what is in the box. Companies of Tanks? Seriously? Is that a good thing? Why? How does it work….

I think at the risk of missing this, the verdict will have to come from a reviewer who is not attached to the soft under belly of the designer or owners of DG.

On a more up beat note I am hearing good things about the Desert Fox. So its not all bad in DG -land.

Hollandspiele Games Newsletter

A big update for Hollandspiele games:

We are now taking orders for our ninth box of gaming goodness, Ukrainian Crisis & The Little War ($45 MSRP), which collects two innovative designs from everyone’s favorite Canadian, Brian Train. Ukrainian Crisis is a pol-mil game on Russia’s recent intervention in the Ukraine. Originally released as a print-and-play game on Mr. Train’s site, it’s proved to be one of his most popular designs. Hollandspiele is pleased to be bringing it to a wider audience in a sumptuous new edition with a slick map by Tim Allen and our trademark super-thick counters.

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Roman Census

Were the #Hannibalic Wars the single greatest lost of life as a percentage of population? The #RomanEmpire took nearly 30% loss to population. I dont see any plague losses here?