Battle of Stamford Bridge



The first to try and seize the crown and invade England was Harald Hardrada of Norway. He was helped by Harold’s brother Tostig, who was exiled from England.

Harald Hardrada and Tostig landed with a massive army of over 8,000 Norwegians in the North of England. They took York and declared Harald Hardrada King of England.

On hearing of the Viking (Norse) invasion, Harold Godwinson quickly gathered what men he could and marched 187 miles north to face him. They marched 37 – 45 miles a day, going as fast as they could and carryng their heavy kit with them.

The two armies met at Stamford Bridge, just outside York, on 25 September 1066. It was a bloody battle and one in which Harold’s army (the Saxons) broke through the Viking invaders front line to go on and win the battle.



So shall we examine how the game plays and what transpire in in the Shields and Swords version of Stamford Bridge!?

– Note images are in reverse order…sigh. Please click the Right most circle for chrono order.

  • T3 Stamford Bridge
  • T2 Stamford Bridge
  • At Start Stamford Bridge
  • Map


























In turn 4 the Viking decide to counter attack, since they are isolated and wont be able to retreat.

2015-03-19 16.09.35


Just a horrible crop of rolls. Then I realize there is an alternate option. They can form a Shield Wall. So we actually do that instead.

The one thing I find a bit unusual here is the lack of any command and control. It is usually a fairly important aspect of this era. As losses mount for the Vikings their is an abstracted leadership aspect presented.

2015-03-19 16.11.40


By presenting the SW in Turn 4, this leaves Turn 5 for the Saxons to be either a move or a Pitched battle. This PB is the only way to negate the SW. The Saxons get lucky and roll well again.

2015-03-19 16.14.03

Knocking the reduced unit out and reducing one more. While on the far right they far less favourably with an Exchange.


Ambush Play #2 Day of Heroes

Swapping sides we reset for another rapid fire 3 turn game. This time the Pakis elect to hold their positions. And kill as much as they can as fast as they can. Quite possibly the first mistake.

Melee in the first turn removes the enemy from a highly protective building location.

The squads light up all that moves! The challenge is that the Pakis can only really lose 2 units (including the MG, so 2 counters!), otherwise it is a Somali victory.



The Somalis close in, to shoot from adjacent hexes to mitigate their crappy fire power and range.


The Somalis make their morale check prior to the Melee and then go on and win a low odds contest. The Somalis surround units and pour on fire, they need one more kill to lock the game.

Paki fire is ineffective for the most part. But not so the Somalis who hit home.


Another win for the Skinnies.

Perhaps the plan must be to make a run for it for the Paks?

What have you seen?

Gazala Revolution Games Comments

Comments on game play.
I enjoyed this title the most of all the Revolution games played to date.

MMP news of note:


Coming Soon From The Gamers

Last Blitzkrieg

The long awaited first game in the Battalion Combat Series (BCS) covering the Ardennes Offensive on four maps of exquisite detail. The BCS was originally intended as merely a scale-change version of the OCS rules, but it became much more than that… the design goal was to introduce a vision of battalion level warfare that players had never experienced before, but in an easy to learn and play format. Multiple scenarios allow the player to pick and choose the size of the game being played and what the conditions of the offensive (i.e. balance between the sides) he wants to see. BCS was specifically designed to raise the bar players expect of the state of the art of design theory at this level of warfare.


Then a new sensible sized SCS title:

Panzer Battles

Applying the popular game specific rules of the SCS games It Never Snows,Bastogne, and the coming Day of Days, Panzer Battles examines the classic fight for the Chir River defense line in December, 1942. Here you’ll get to actually execute the famous fire brigade action of the 11th Panzer Division as depicted in the book of the same name. Two maps give players some maneuver room for some very wild and exciting active defense action.

A new version of Sicily..creatively called Sicily II…meh:

OCS Guide w/ Sicily II

A collection of ‘how to’, background, and analysis articles allowing players more insight on OCS play. Also included is a one map, one countersheet, scaled down version of the OCS game Sicily to use as an introductory game for the OCS system.

Another monster SCS title – this time Afrika……have we milked that research completely yet? At least there is something new on the activation side of things!

North Africa

Using the award winning OCS game DAK as a base, this is a monster SCS game showing the desert campaign using a very clean set of game specific rules. There has been a little confusion as to the relationship of this game to the existing SCS Afrika and Afrika II titles… well, this game is four times their size and makes use of the extensive research effort that was poured into theDAK monster game. It is a large, but very easy to play game that uses a unique activation system whereby players don’t activate units (as is usual), but rather bid on the turn sequence they want to use… in other words, they buy phases.

Another ACW title from the Line of Battle series, much controversy has followed this game from afficionados and experts. The battle of Monocacy and Ft Stevens.

Finally – best for last the OCS Beyond the Rhine is approaching shipping. Whatever that means.

SPW in Da House!

In Da House!

In Da House!

picked this u p in a Pay it Forward group on Facebook. 293 generous members!

This copy has dual copies of both games except the Galacia map. So I can play this, and keep it ‘mint’ . Or trade away a folio copy at some point. Sweet.

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Third World War Gaming

This WWIII kick with Frank Chadwicks gem had me cycling back to some PC games. While I was chatting with Steve Overton about Red Storm Flashpoint Campaigns from On Target Simulations he directed me to the Add ons section of their site:

Check this out:



A custom map of Berlin. Which led me to pulling up:


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