Coral Sea – You be the Admiral.

Kick Off!

If you have been following along you know that we are planning to play Flat Top, using the Coral Sea short scenario via PbP (Play by Poll).

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Further details on PbP of Flat Top

I have some extra input for you to consider here:

Plans for the Japanese need to be sorted out, assuming we go with them.
-Goals and Objectives
– Plan of action for task forces or groups of task forces
-Vid shows starting location areas of the IJA units, but you guys will need to decide on a overall approach.
i.e. wait and consolidate forces, seek US CV’s out, race to Port Moresby, a bit of both?

VP outline included also.

Animated Battle of Waterloo

A little fast but a great job by some clever chap!



If you hover over the green circle in the lower right, you get a playback toolbar that lets you pause, step, and change the speed of the playback.

What would you have done differently at 1100 AM!


Head On! [Narrative]


Fog and a thin green line are all that stand between the Soviet 10th Guard and the Rhine.



“Snoopy 2 to Flying Eye we got bogies inbound. Hinds running across 2290 South West of Waldberg. Do you copy?”

“Roger that Snoopy 1 got a count for us? ” Said the dispassionate voice of the combat controller @ HQ.

“Two bogies…wait and holy crap make that 4 count FOUR Hinds at high speed. I think we found the bad guys. Shit I think they see us. We are taking evasive, evasive, evasive, lets roll!”  The connection is lost.

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