Waterloo200 Comments,Thoughts and a Cat

These comments are based on Solo play thrus. This week I had a chance to play opposed and I think that only reinforced by opinion of the title.

There are some elements of the game that could use some refinement to more accurately represent Napoleonic warfare for this complexity level, but the biggest fix required is a redrafting of the rules for clarity and conciseness.

It is however a very engrossing game that I can see playing in an hour and a 1/2 with two mature players, who would immediately flip the board around and go at it again!

A keeper.

F&M Cat

Ash the kitten, decides to helppack the F&M magazines, as we stack the new shelving.

Week Two [Turn 2 TWW]


NATO Nuclear Arty only 13

Soviet 8 (50%)

Both sides escalated and are now eligible to use Nuclear Arty.

White House

“Mr President, NAP means that we are now in a spiral sir.” Said a General in a concerned tone. “One that will surely escalate!”

“I understand that General, listen to me, you have spent the last hour explaining why we are going to lose the war due to my predecessors peace stance and winding down of military capability along with the Euros.” He paused. ” Am I right….? Ok, so if we really are doing to do this then lets nip it in the bud. Any Divisional commander may now authorize NAP, to inflict damage and slow down the Russians. Do not escalate beyond this until ordered other wise. Am I clear?

“Yes Sir” Came the chorus.

“We are clear for Nuke Arty release! ” Shouted the Officer across the din of the planning room in Belgium. A pall fell over the Europeans, through the cigarette smoke, hard men exchanged glances. US EUCOM staffers dashed out telex messages to DIVCOM staffers, release orders were signed, codes issued.

“With air losses as they are you cant expect any less” said one of the US officers to the Belgians and French near him. ” How do you say? – Bullshit…we can hold them!” Said a French colonel.  “I strongly doubt it, you are being shot out of the air twice as fast as the wargaming suggests. This war is lost in two weeks unless your boys learn how to fight.”

A roaring argument ensued the noise level escalated. A single 9mm shot was fired. “Now that I have your attention gentlemen, are the accumulated losses a foreshadowing of things to come or merely a bump in a rocky road? We must plan for the worst, release the codes”

The General holding the pistol aloft continued “While many Soviets forces have fallen to the valiant efforts of NATO, the Soviet skill and quality of air has returned the favour. In the Northern front losses have been almost 1 for 1. An unacceptably high rate for the NATO side.”

A runner burst into the Ops Room!

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GMT 1 July Update

Perhaps it is an omission but no news on Shipping updates in the email newsletter.

So go to the web site to obtain full details!

Lots of other cool information in the GMT newsletter. I’ll let you sift thru it as most of it is old news except:

1. AI rears its head again this time for Kirks WWI block game Fields of Despair. This has quickly become a standard item in GMT titles thanks to the success of the AI based solo tools in Runkes COIN systems games. We can expect this to continue with many of the GMT titles. How long before other publishers follow suit?

2.  Jim Day is looking for play testers of the MBT game to be done on VASSAL. Pop a note to GMT if you want in. WWIII gear heads preferred I assume.

Finally looks like Gene has an incubated solo game about being President. It actually sounds kinda cool. 

Shipping News:

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Pricing the Game

Since my comments regarding Compass, MMP, Flying Pig Games, Worthington Games etal have been either misconstrued or not understood. …..

Lets let a couple of pros explain pricing and  perhaps this will help you understand why sometimes I get my nose out of joint with publisher/designers and their pricing models for their titles on kickstarter and PXXX.

Waterloo 200 opposed play

2015-06-30 19.32.36

1100 AM The French Prepare to attack!

2015-06-30 19.54.07

French crash into combat in the 2nd Impulse.

2015-06-30 20.21.19

Amazing flank maneuver catches Welly off guard.

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