Prelude to War Part2

Week 5 Pre War

The Gulf

“How hard can we hit the Russkies allies in Southern Iran?” Asked the General.

“Sir how hard do you want to?”

“Let’s send a message. A strong one. I also want our Carrier group to provide air support over Northern Iran. So you get those F-14A’s and supporting craft in CAP on the Iranian Armies tank forces and you show them we are here and we mean business.”

Just three days ago, tensions ratcheted up, the US was racing to a war it did not want, in a country it had already ceded power in. There was it appears, no turning back as Pride and its bedfellow Hubris were snuggled up close and personal on a bed of lies.

Protesters lined the streets outside the White House and the Europeans clamoured for calm. Life went on its own daily grind. In West Germany, older folks who carried the scars of WWII, began quietly stockpiling provisions, or making travel arrangements. Some were wiser than others.


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MMP Fall sale

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Things of note:

The almost playable War of the Suns now $88 dollars down from 160, which is less than what I pre ordered it for….You will need to spend money to print new rules and errata as it is still a work in progress after 10 years. But as either a. an Operational Level game on a not often covered topic or b. a collectors items its a steal.


Blurb: The war in China-India-Burma theatre is always looked at as through a veil; perceived as a backwater front of the far larger conflict that was World War Two.

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June 17th Last Days of Grand Armee

Continued from 16th June turn:

2014-09-23 15.27.50

June 17th AM turn

2014-09-23 15.28.00

French press hard towards the thin Allied Center, racing to beat the Prussians who arrive shortly.2014-09-23 15.28.07


Thier road march effort has been intercepted by a French screening force! Further South the French thin their line to prevent a lunge by Prussia to their Supply line & Victory Points. Cutting supply has limited effect in this series at this scale.

2014-09-23 15.28.12


Overview. To the West we can see the Allied forces bottled up around the forest and river. The French Corps try to keep them from joining the main force, while the Center presses towards Wellington

2014-09-30 13.01.58

Losses are heavy for both sides.

2014-09-30 13.02.06
2014-09-30 13.02.15


2014-09-30 14.07.08

June 17th PM Turn2014-09-30 14.07.15 2014-09-30 14.07.22 2014-09-30 14.07.27

After assessing the board and the time left this one will end up a draw or an out right French win on points for demoralized formations. The Allies have lost too many units too early in the fight to inflict enough losses upon the French.

Paper Wars #79


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THUNDERBIRDS AT WAR is a solitaire game based on the operational diaries of RCAF 426 Sq. during its first five months of night operations from January to June 1943.

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