Mary & Tom Podcast…what?


Ok.. so as one of the fastest growing micro publishers around Tom and Mary are not only killing it, but adorable!  Check out their unique approach to customer out reach for Hollandspiele games!



Format guidelines for post game write ups

While on vacation recently the Muse was engaged. Yeah!

This one:

IT suggested that some form to the post game write ups would be useful to the small handful of people who actually read what is written on the BigBoard.  IT spoke.  I acted…


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Borodino a fresh look!

My buddy Emanuele has launched his latest Napoleonic game Borodino kickstarter! 

After launching this morning it is almost funded. If Regs XXX is not your speed then this system might be a fun diversion?!

The game system has been modified from Waterloo 200 and the other block system from Moscow ’41 to better capture leadership. I jumped in with the base offering.