Phantom Fury Tactics, Air Strikes

Never knocked out a city block?

Here is your chance.


Reset under way. Third World War


We have reset and the forward movement phase is over.
Got two quick turns of flat top in tonite also. Sweet.

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Vikings… SAGA….tomorrow

Big Austin based Tourney tomorrow! 12 aging, lardy, sweaty men pretend to be this:viking

All while rolling buckets of dice, scanning charts looking for the sweetest combo of attack and defense.

Dont be a puss. Go shirtless tomorrow!


LNL, The Bear and the Jackal “Nightmare”

2015-03-17 18.31.12

If you play poorly enough this scenario can be over really quickly!

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T2_P2Well hell, I may have to pull the trigger on this. Seems like I’m going no where fast as Soviets and US got lots of dry powder and has kicked ass in the air.






March 26, 2015

Victory Point Games laser cut, folio zip locks are on sale from the normally high 25-45 dollars now for 15% less for all 22 titles and expansions in the series.

Shields & Swords

Quick Intro Vid, for the Yaah magazine game Shields and Swords:

Page One of the Internet Yesterday:

US veteran of the ‘Stan now a Poacher Hunter in Tanzania.

Kinessa is a former army Diesel Mechanic and …well she looks like she might be able to handle her self.

iAMA proof:

Rocked the AMA, got all the fat little tweeners and geeks excited. But it seems that this young Vet is also very well marketed and promotes veteran services, weapons and other schtuff, as well as wildlife preservation.

I did not bother to see if and when Reddit took the time to back ground check her like they do for just about everything….. But here is a facebook page , so now I’m torn, incidental fame or planned marketing move?

I think a game on catching or hunting Poachers would be pretty kick ass. Just to bring it back around to the military sim category of our blog here:)