Aug ’40-March ’41 T9-14 The Supreme Commander

The Axis, try to move Bulgaria to the Diplomatic fold and fail to do so, they do build 3 Corps.

The Allies follow up with the Diplomatic mission being a huge success in Yugoslavia and their army enters the war. More Italian, French, British and Soviets forces are created.

No tech spending.

Attacks are costly but effective and the Armour from the UK conducts follow ups attacks.

Hungary collapses.

The low lands losses are heavy for both sides with the Germans taking a whipping on armour points leading attacks in the last clear weather turns.

Belgium grimly still stands. Heavy Attacks thru Belgium and along the Meuse mean that both sides take losses.

A few lucky rolls save the Allied line from crumbling.

Follow on attacks inflict more losses but do not break thru.

Sept-Oct Turn 11 Mud @ start Positions:

Madly the Belgians hang on with timely reinforcement from Britain and France while the Italians reinforce the Maginot line and Meuse area……History makes strange bed fellows.

In the East the Soviets continue to build Armour units and await the big 100 MSP bump to allow them some more flexibility with technology or production in January.

Germany elects not to attack in poor weather and reinforces Vienna.

November December 1941 Turn 12 Winter Weather @ Start positions:

Little occurs during the winter turns. On Turn 13 the Soviets declare war on Germany.

alliedatk_t14The Germans brace for the onslaught. Soviets Land in rear of Romanians and make 3 attacks on the German line. Yugoslav forces pass thru the mountains and cut supply for the Germans in Carpathian mountains.

The attacks attempting to swamp the Germans near Vienna are largely successful but at a high price.

The Allies take their follow on attacks and seek to liberate Belgium. While the

Russians pressure the Polish front.








At then end of March April 1941 the Germans concede with several Corps surrounded or OOS and the Netherlands about to be liberated the war is effectively over.  With some gamey luck the Churchillian Southern Strategy proves successful beyond all Allied leaders wildest dreams.


In this alternate universe, the US does not enter the War, Churchill establishes a new world order dominated by British/Italian League and they prepare to fight the Red Menace. WWII is over just a few months before WWIII begins and Stalin is declared a War Criminal, Soviet Russia is invaded on humanitarian grounds. With the German war machine largely intact, Churchill orders the Wehrmacht to don “Allied Uniforms” and their economy is placed back on a war footing to take WWIII into Russia. A surprise invasion from the Turkish/Syrian  border shocks the Soviets. The rest, well the rest would be unreasonable to assume…right? ;)



How did we arrive here? Simply, the Italian collapse rules have 2 sections to them. One requires Rome to be taken, the other does not. It is perhaps attempting to model the weakness of the Fascist Regime in Italy in ’39, 40?

A swift and may I say daring raid on the undefended Italian Coast fulfilled the criteria for collapse. This fundamentally changes the Diplomatic and economic dynamics. When this occurred I offered to redo or ignore the turn, instituting a  more robust requirement for Italian collapse. Out of curiousity I think both Steve and I were inclined to play it out, despite the seemingly rules error advantage I had taken. I am glad we did. It demonstrated the game can go off the WWII track with out ‘breaking’. I’d imagine however that some might like to make Rome a requirement regardless of time period for Italy’s collapse, I’d be ok with that. Some other tweak are likely required to allow certain aspects of history to evolve – Fall Gelb, Barbarossa etal. these are non issues for me but might stand in the way of the purist.

I enjoyed the game and once the rules are digested turns crack along at a nice pace.

Fun stuff.

Red Storm – Tutorial Scenario

In this very first play we follow the instructions to setup. Then see what transpires from here.
The key difference is visibility range. In the tutorial its 5000m, in mine just 2500m.
This hinders shots. I also do not agree with unit placement…..based on what I think I know.
The Soviet arty gets to pound pretty hard in this play and I did no Counter Battery. That said the scenario is over quickly.
A fresh play with my preferred setup is next.
Voice over is not audible. So dont try turning up the sound!

House of Lords & Thanksgiving

Churchill HoL

Celia Sandys spends time with my In Laws @ the House of Lords, where they had dinner and discussed many a topic. Over the past few days Churchill has intersected my life in interesting ways. So I dug this up to share today as a nod to him and all he did to preserve a way of life he was thankful for. I thought that this was a rather apt pose, that captures the essence of the man. -Forward jutting chin, robust belly, hands on hips, ready to take on the world.

Regardless of your views on the man he was an iconic figure of the century.

Celia is his granddaughter and has written several books on the man.

The Supreme Commander March April ’41

The German attacks fail and the combined efforts of the rag tag allies hold out.

They now seek away to capture Vienna.










Attack in Belgium do not disappoint. This allows the BEF into the hex.

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Playing Solo – OCS and others

I’ve now had a couple of questions posed to me in PM’s and on BGG regarding OCS and solo play. Yes, Yes asides the obvious – “Are you INSANE soloing Case Blue/ GBII?”. Folks are asking what is the best way to solo given the rules etc. While no expert in OCS nor soloing I do have a few things I like to do which I am sure many others also execute when in solo mode. I think the same constructs apply for many ‘larger’ or if not large more complex games we play solo.


But before I start I would encourage readers and followers to post your means of solo play  for any game to make it ‘ solo friendly’ here in the comments. If there are enough insights I’ll compile them and add to the post as edits.

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Good Quality Leaders vs the Rest in Carthage

ldrs_in Carthage

This is one of the reasons why Rome has a tough time gaining the upper hand in combat and continuation rolls in the GMT game Carthage. The letters denote the battle rating, the black boxed # the equal or less than 1d10 roll (0 is zero) is used for continuations.  This puts historically accurate crimps on the Roman Armies forcing a longer attrition based war. The pervasive amount of E rated leaders really hurts in combat. Whereas much of the Carthage leadership will be C rated.


Where as Carthage leaders on the whole are 3’s at worst and 4,5, or sometimes even 6! for initiative, campaign ratings for Carthage are a little more equivalent.


Training for War

2014-11-24 08.39.05

Scott L Schickram‎ in Wargamers on Facebook
“I was involved in the Army’s play testing of SPI’s “Firefight” in 1976. I was a mech infantry officer in the1st Cav Div. I had also played the Army’s “Dunn Kempf”, and other games. I was picked as a “guinea pig” for the project because of my background with wargames and because very few people wanted the assignment.


The great wargame designer James F. Dunnigan once wrote a piece about wargaming’s influence on NATO strategy and the Cold War. The Army only sporadically did table top gaming in the ’70s, and then basically as Staff Training Exercises. Dunn Kempf was a tactical terrain model wargame used sparingly to train small unit combat leaders. As a platoon leader, you might participate in Dunn Kempf a few hours a year. It was cumbersome to run.

In Ft. Hood, it was maintained in a Battle Simulation Center by an MI unit. The Army noticed that soldiers who played a lot of Dunn Kempf, for example MI guys in that unit, were getting 12-1 or better kill ratios defending against the Russians.

2014-11-24 08.40.17


New players, such as line company commanders, got a mediocre 3-1 kill ratio. Improvements in tactics, such as multiple firing positions for tanks and ATGMs and the use of artillery seemed to have a dramatic effect.



The Army sought to acquire 1,000 Firefight wargames from SPI (then at $10 a copy). Veteran players of Firefight were also achieving superior results defending against the Russians, mirroring the experience with Dunn Kempf.

The Army had me learn all the details of Dunn Kempf and measure the results, learn and play Firefight about 10 hours a day for a week, then measure my improvement in Dunn Kemp.

I don’t know what the conclusions were, other than several of us became experts in Firefight (and somewhat burned out). NATO ultimately took a more aggressive stance in defending a possible Warsaw Pact invasion in Germany due to the proliferation of ATGMs and lessons learned from wargames.”


News from One Small Step

I’ve seen preview art for a lot of these games. Some of the map art is fabulous and very clean, others look less appealing. I think the price point and game play here is pretty appealing given the topics covered.

I’m curious to see what these actually play like and would be keen for anyone who has copies or buys the game to drop a line here @ The BigBoard, so we can share your impressions. I’d love to pop some AARs up for this new company and their interesting designs.

Folio Series
Announcing Eight New Games in Pre-Order

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